Sunday Pamper 038 | Fresh And Green

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Guardians Of The Forest Bath Bomb
1/3 Grass Bubble Bar
1/2 You've Been Mangoed Bath Oil

I wasn't sure I liked the scent of Guardians Of The Forest Bath Bomb when I first got it but mixed in with this Lush cocktail, I actually really like it. Once it starts fizzing away the cypress, oakmoss and rosewood scent changes and works really well with the fruityness of the bath oil and sandalwood of the bubble bar. Altogether this is a really uplifting bath leaves the water and incredibly green packed full of silver lustre. Just before getting out of the bath I used the Ocean Salt Body Scrub as I knew the lime scent would work really well.

All Lush bath cocktails can be found on Jens blog, All Things Lush. They have all been created by either Jen or her readers, I am simply testing them out and sharing on my own blog.

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  1. That looks to die for. I'd love to dive in that tub

    Coco | The Beauty Milk

  2. I just love your photos so much! Thank you for this inspiration. xx Mia

  3. I love all those shades of green.


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