28 April 2016

Empties | April 2016

Liz Earle Spot-On // This sadly isn't available anymore but is my favourite spot treatment as it worked so well with my skin. I never liked the roller-ball packaging as it's not really hygienic but I just made sure I used a clean finger and never applied it directly onto a spot. I've had this for a really long time and although I didn't want to throw it away as it's only half empty, it was time to.

Le Soft Perfume // This is another one that technically isn't empty but it has dried out and I can't smell the perfume anymore so it was time to get rid of it. I loved the floral scent of this perfume but I just never reach for solid perfumes.

Bumble And Bumble Surf Infusion | £22 // I use this on my hair every time I wash it after I've used a normal salt spray and I couldn't be without it. It adds a bit of moisture back into my hair that the salt sprays take away and stops my hair from going frizzy.

Elie Saab L'eau Couture Le Parfum | £47 // I loved this version just as much as the original Le Parfum and now I really want to try the rose version that has just been released. I'm trying to work through the perfumes I have before buying anything new so I'm currently wearing YSL Black Opium.

Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Calming Mist | £29 // I really liked this toner and I find calendula works so well with my sensitive skin. I will be buying another bottle at some point.

Neutrogena T-Gel Therapeutic Shampoo | £6.99 // I've already bought another bottle of this coal tar shampoo as it helps to keep the eczema on my scalp under control. I've surprisingly grown to really like the strong scent which I never thought would happen.

Naked Neroli & Oatmeal Mild Shampoo // You can't buy this brand anymore which is a shame as they work well with my hair. I stocked up on this shampoo when they were on offer for £1 so I still have another bottle to use. It's a gentle shampoo that doesn't irritate my sensitive scalp.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly | £24.99 // I was a bit disappointed with this Hydraluron moisturiser but I think it's because my expectations were too high. I love the original Hydraluron and how it makes my skin feel but the moisturiser version just wasn't hydrating enough for my skin. Once it sunk in my skin was left feeling like it still needed something else on top which I don't find with the other moisturisers I have.

Liz Earle Eye Bright | £13.25 // I think this is probably in most of my empties posts as it's my most used product. I use it daily to remove my mascara and then as a treatment when my eyes are feeling irritated.

Deep Steep Honeydew & Spearmint Bubble Bath // I loved the scent of this bubble bath although you wouldn't think honeydew melon and spearmint went together but it works. I can't seem to find this online anymore so not sure what has happened to the brand but I bought it from Feel Unique a while ago.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Scrub // I loved the scent of this one but didn't really like the actual product. I didn't find it abrasive enough and am not a fan of the micro beads in it. I'm currently using and loving Rub Rub Rub from Lush.

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26 April 2016

The Repurchases 011

Sachuajuan Ocean Mist | £18 // I came to the end of this salt spray and moved onto one from John Masters since I'm trying to use up what I have before buying anything new. Needless to say it wasn't as good as Ocean Mist and I placed an order for a new bottle pretty much straight away. I love the design of the bottle and the spray is even. This never leaves my hair leaving crispy or dry but enhances my natural curl and keeps my hair under control.

Liz Earle Eye Bright | £13.25 // I think I've featured this in pretty much all my Repurchases posts and there is a reason for this. If I could only buy one skin care product then I'd probably choose this even over a cleanser. I have sensitive eyes and have reacted to other eye make-up removers but never have with eye bright.

John Masters Organics Scalp Serum | £23 // This is another one that I've repurchased over and over again and will carry on doing so. It helps to keep the eczema on my scalp under control and I love the mint scent.

Muji Thin Cotton Buds | £2.50 // It was Anna who first introduced me to these cotton buds and they have become an essential for me. I even have two back up packs so I'll never be without. I used to use the standard cotton buds for make-up error and they worked but could be a bit too big when I wanted to adjust eye liner or take away a mascara smudge. These are tiny and have become a bit of a life saver. I always seem to get mascara smudges on my eye lids when I apply it no matter how careful I am. Just apply a little bit of eye make-up remover to one and it lifts up all the smudges without ruining the rest of my make-up. Once you've bought your first pack then you can just buy the refills which work out a little bit cheaper.

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24 April 2016

Sunday Pamper 032 | Sweet Clementine

1/2 MMMelting Moments Bath Melt
1/2 Sunny Side Bubble Bar
1/2 Dragons Egg Bath Bomb

All Lush bath cocktails can be found on Jens blog, All Things Lush. They have all been created by either Jen or her readers, I am simply testing them out and sharing on my own blog.

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22 April 2016

Lush Kitchen | March 2016

For those who don't know, the Lush Kitchen cooks up small batches of exclusive products that are only available for a limited time until they sell out. The products available are a mix of Oxford Street exclusives, old favourites that have been discontinued or one off's. Since I've tried the majority of the Lush bath bombs and bubble bars that are in the permanent collection, I've been loving the Lush Kitchen recently and have been making quite an order pretty much every week. I'm mainly interested in the bath bombs, bubble bars, bath melts and shower gels. Although there are a few products that I have bought simply because I've never tried them before.

Instead of posting several different shopping posts, I'm going to be writing a little overview of the previous months Kitchen products. Since there is a limited amount of each made, then by the time each one arrives in the post it'll probably be sold out. Instead I'm hoping this post will high light any products you'd like to try in the future or simply because you're just as obsessed with Lush as I am.
Uluru Bath Bomb | £3.95 // The design of this bath bomb was inspired by Australian sunsets. The scent is sweet orange, lemon myrtle and sandalwood oils. I get quite a strong olive scent when I smell the bath bomb which I don't like but luckily I can't smell it once it hits the water though. Now I've tried it I wouldn't buy it again if it comes out again and I was able to take Uluru Shower Gel off my to try list because of this and so have saved myself a bit of money.

Tweet Bubble Bar | £3.95 // I love the design of this one and how each bubble bar differs slightly and each seems to have its own personality. The scent of this one is tangerine and is quite simple.

Ma Bar Bubble Bar | £3.95 // This honey and chocolate scented bubble bar is one of my all time favourites and I could not believe it was being discontinued. I've bought so many of them over the years but I never got a chance to stock up before they were discontinued so now is the first time I've been able to do so. I bought three which definitely isn't enough but there was a couple other products I wanted from the menu that week.

Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar | £3.95 // This was a last minute addition to my order when I was buying Flutterby and Ma Bar. It shares the same ginger scent as The Sun which I have as a bath oil. It's not one of my favourites but I do like the scent and I think it'll work well in bath cocktails.

Choccy Egg Bath Bomb | £3.75 // There is something about the scent of this one that I just don't like and I think it's the mimosa. The mix of vanilla and chocolate just doesn't go well with the hint of floral. This also seems to be a bit smaller than the standard bath bomb but still the same price. Not so impressed with this one but I do like the design.

Fun With A Twist Fun Bar | £5 // I've wanted to own this Fun bar for such a long time as it is Twilight and Dragons Egg scented. I wouldn't have thought these two scents went together very well but they do. My plan was to use them separately and I have cut the bar up to separate the colours but I might try at least one bath using both scents. I cannot wait to use the purple part and have a Twilight scented bubble bath alongside the bath bomb and shower gel. 

Flutterby Bubble Bar | £4.95 // So this bubble bar shares the same scent as the Yummy Mummy range. It's strawberries and cream scented and one of my favourites. I'm probably in the minority here, but I'm not a huge fan of the design of this one. I think the butterfly doesn't look very good and the bubble bar would have looked better without it. The bubble bar itself is huge though, similar to the size of The Comforter, so the price is a little higher than usual.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bath Bomb | £3.25 // Sadly this bath bomb came a little damaged but not as badly as I was expecting from seeing photos from others. I could only order one of these as it sold out pretty quickly. I can't wait to use this one! The scent is mandarin, neroli and rose.

Down The Rabbit Hole Bubble Bar | £3.95 // I love the fruit pastille scent of this bubble bar and I wish I had bought more than one!

Haagen Bath Bath Bomb | £4.10 // This is one of my favourites as I love the mint scent. I bought a couple of the Christmas Angel version a while ago but am glad to have the original design now. It's incredibly moisturising and the scent always makes me want a bowl of mint choc chip ice cream.

I also love how the Kitchen include these polaroids of who has made the products along with the product itself. It's a nice way of keeping track of what you've tried and when it was released when you don't have the product itself anymore.

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20 April 2016

Lush Samples | Part Three

lush-samples-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 5

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10 April 2016

Sunday Pamper 031 | Sparkly Nights

1 Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb
1/3 Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
1/2 Northern Lights Bath Bomb
1/2 Snow Angel Bath Melt

All Lush bath cocktails can be found on Jens blog, All Things Lush. They have all been created by either Jen or her readers, I am simply testing them out and sharing on my own blog.

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