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Mio Body Brush | £14.50 // I'm still pretty new to dry body brushing but it has made my skin feel so soft and smooth. It also helps circulation and exfoliates the skin at the same time. I use the brush on dry skin before I get into the bath. You brush in the direction of the heart starting at your feet and work your way up. If my skin is feeling a little sensitive then I'll use the brush on wet skin after the bath.

The Body Shop Spoon // This came with the bath jellies from TBS and I've actually used it a lot. I'm sure you could find something similar from Ebay but it makes scooping product out of jars so much easier.

Wooden Scoop // This wooden scoop is the perfect size for bath salts and one scoop is enough per bath. Plus it looks pretty sitting on my bathroom shelf.

Honey Spoon // You get this wooden honey spoon with the Laura Mercier Honey Bath but I would have bought one from Ebay. I use it for bubble bath that come in a tub as I find I use too much if I pour them straight into the bath. Using the spoon gives the perfect amount so I get more out of my money.

The Body Shop Infuser | £5 // This bath infuser was brought out with the Fuji Green Tea collection from The Body Shop and it is genius. I find that often when I use bath salts I'll add them to the water when I start running the bath but they haven't dissolved properly by the time I get in and I hate the feeling of them sitting on the bottom of the bath. This infuser stops this as the bath salts sit in it until they dissolve. I've seen people use this with their Lush products but for me I keep it solely for bath salts.

Sieve // Instead I tend to reach for a sieve for Lush products. Take a small piece of bubble bar and pop it in the sieve then hold it under a running tap until it disappears. I find this the best way to use bubble bars and creates a lot of bubbles. I used to crumble the bubble bars into running water but was also a bit disappointed that it didn't create long lasting bubbles. It may seem a little odd, but the sieve really does work! It also works if you have a bath bomb that contains floating pieces that you don't want in the water. I use a sieve with Pooh Stix Bath Bomb as it is a nightmare to clean up the cinnamon sticks.

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  1. I love body brushing! It really does make a difference
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  2. The sieve idea is so good for bubble bars! How have I never thought of this before! So glad I stumbled across this post :) xx

  3. Loving all the wooden utensils :-) Never thought you'd actually get much use out of them but I guess I was wrong.


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