My Lush Kitchen Menu 002

This past year I have become slightly obsessed with the Lush Kitchen and being able to try one off products or old favourites that have been discontinued. Each Sunday Friday the Kitchen releases the menu for the following week and I thought I'd create my own perfect version that I would love to see.

Monday | Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb // I bought one of these in January when it was re-released in the Kitchen but I want more! I wish this bath bomb was permanent as it just smells amazing.

Tuesday | Melomint Bubble Bar // I think I'd buy this bubble bar purely for it's watermelon design but luckily I love the scent as well. I've had this one before years ago but whenever I see it pop up on the internet, I always wish I had one in my collection to use. The scent is mint but why they have designed it to look like a watermelon I'll never know.

Wednesday | Bubbling Under Bubble Bar // I want to try this bubble bar purely because it looks so cool. In reality I'm not sure how I'll like it. There's seaweed and sea salt on top and I don't know what the scent will be like but it has me intrigued.

Thursday | Green Day Bubble Bar  // This bubble bar shares a similar scent to Tramp shower gel and since I love Supertramp, I have a feeling I'll like this one. The scent is patchouli, cedarwood and sage.

Friday | Blue Skies Liquid Bubble Bath  // I love the scent of the bubble bar and would love to add the liquid version to my collection. It gives the same effect but works out cheaper than constantly buying the solid bubble bars.

Saturday | Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb // A simple vanilla bath bomb that I just love so much. I could probably make my own version if I really wanted to as the design is easy to recreate but I'm sure it wouldn't be as good. This was released the other week and I luckily managed to buy one.

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  1. I love the smell of vanilla, so I'll have that Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb!


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