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In terms of value for money, the massage bars are the best samples to ask for from Lush. The sample sizes are usually about a quarter of the size of the bars which works out to be about £1.50 worth. That's pretty good considering they're given out for free and depending on how much you spend on your order, you're usually given a couple of them if they're the only thing you've asked for. Over the past couple of months I've managed to get four samples of the Hottie Massage Bar which put together makes a full size.

The massage bars can be used for massage, obviously, but they can also be used as a body moisturiser which is perfect for the winter months. The main way I use them though is like you would a bath melt. I simply cut a small piece off and add it to a hot bath and it creates incredibly moisturising water. The massage bars have been included in quite a few of the Lush bath cocktails I've been trying out recently so these sample sizes have been ideal.

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  1. I've only tried two or three of LUSH's massage bars and every time I used them as body moisturizers :-) Very rich and indeed great for winter!

  2. I never thought about adding them to a bath - that's genius!

    - Elodie x


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