Lush Easter 2016

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Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb | £6.95 // This bath bomb shares the same scent as Honey I Washed The Kids and it's one of my favourites. It's a sweet honey scent that I wish Lush used more often in their products. Although a bit creepy, I love the design of this one. It is huge but it is one of the more expensive bath bombs from the collection. Lush says you can get three baths out of it if you crack it in half as there's a fried egg bath bomb inside. I wasn't able to crack mine in half properly as the egg wasn't loose inside which was a shame as pretty much half of the bath bomb turned into dust.

Which Came First? Bath Bomb | £6.95 // This is another one that you can get three baths out of and I found it much easier to split in two. There's a cute mini chick bath bomb inside. This is probably my least favourite scent out of them all as it's quite floral and not my favourite.

Golden Egg Bath Bomb | £3.95 // This is one of my favourite Easter products and am glad to see it back this year. The scent reminds me of Ma Bar Bubble Bar, one of my all time favourites, and Honey I Washed The Kids. It's a strong toffee scent and works really well with other products in bath cocktails. This one is a little different to the normal bath bombs as contains a lot of cocoa butter and other oils. It's a bath bomb and bath melt hybrid. It doesn't fizz quickly like other bath bombs and if I put the whole thing into the bath, it only just dissolves as I get out. Instead I like to cut it into quarters and get a bit more out of my money.

Ultraviolet Bubble Bar | £4.95 // I love this bubble bar as it is huge and I can get about six baths from it. The scent is violet, jasmine and rosewood.
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Bouncy Bunny Gift Set | £18.95 // I mainly bought this gift set so I could try Spring Bunny Bath Bomb although mine didn't survive the journey to my house and half of it had been turned into powder. I'll still be able to use the solid half but it is a little disappointing. The bath bomb photographed was part of the carrot gift set which survived.
Spring Bunny Bath Bomb // This contains carrot oil although it's the lemon that overpowers the scent. It's a cute design but the bath bomb is pretty small.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap | £4.25 // This soap is an odd one as when I smell it all I can smell is melted plastic but my mum likes the scent so needless to say, I have passed it onto her. The scent is meant to be lemon, neroli and mandarin.

Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly | £3.95 // This has quite a subtle orange scent in the tub but I have heard that it's stronger when you actually use it.

Brightside Bubble Bar | £4.95 // This is an old favourite as I love the mandarin, bergamot and tangerine scent. It's really refreshing and creates a lot of bubbles and turns the water orange.
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Carrot Gift Set | £19.95 // I love the design of this one and it actually glows in the dark. I bought this set for the Spring Bunny Bath Bomb but also because I knew I wanted the Bunch Of Carrots Bubble Bar and Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb.
The Experimenter Bath Bomb| £3.95 //The smoky scent of this bath bomb is really unique and the colours and patterns it creates in the water is amazing to watch. 

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb | £2.95 // This is incredibly sweet and the scent reminds me of Snow Fairy. It doesn't do anything exciting in the water but is one I like to combine with others.

Bunch Of Carrots Bubble Bar | £6.25 // The scent of this bubble bar is quite hard to explain but is a mix of buchu, lemon and grapefruit. Last years was plain orange which I think I might have preferred. These are reusable bubble bars and I find I can get three or four baths out of each carrot so it's one of the more reasonable priced products from the Easter collection.

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  1. The Bunch of Carrots are my favourite too! I don't like the Golden Egg though, glitter EVERYWHERE!
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  2. The spring offerings from LUSH are incredible x


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