Project Life Update | February 2016

This months Project Life update is going to be pretty short as I actually haven't done anymore to it apart from order a new album and get some photos printed. I wanted this particular album when I first started PL but it was sold out for a while. It finally came back in stock on Craftie Charlie which is where I buy the majority of PL from as you get points for every pound you spend which you can then use on your next order. This is the Aqua Edition Cloth D-Ring and I sort of wish I had bought this one in the first place as I would be happy with using this design for all my albums. 

So this new album is starting with photos and mementos from 2011 and there is a surprising amount of them. There's quite a few one various blogging events I went to as well as a trip to Venice along with a lot of cat photos. I just need a weekend now to get it all filled out and then order photos from 2012.

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