Lifestyle Favourites 006

lifestyle-favourites-006-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 30 days of yoga with Adriene // I have never really been a fan of exercising. Although I enjoyed netball, rounders and trampolining in school, once I left I pretty much stopped. There was a few months that I enjoyed going for walks, but that's as close to finding something I liked since school. Enter thirty yoga videos from Adrienne and I think I have finally found something I love. I like how I'm still getting exercise into my routine, but I find it relaxing as well. A quiet half hour or so of gentle, but effective exercise is the perfect way to start my day. Plus it's free! The thirty days of yoga videos are from this time last year but Adriene has just released Yoga Camp which is another set of thirty videos I will be working my through over the next month or so.

Amazon Fire TV Stick // Having subscribed to Netflix for a couple of years, I decided to up my TV and film watching game and order the Amazon Fire Stick. For a one off payment of £34.99 you can catch up with BBC Iplayer and 5 On Demand, watch YouTube videos and Netflix if you already have a subscription. I love being able to watch it all on the big TV in the front room rather than on my laptop and the free games on there are great too. The house has become obsessed with playing Crossy Road! I ordered it the day it was released so I think I only paid £30 and I'd really recommend it! I'm currently catching up with Pretty Little Liars and am nearing the end of Prison Break season 4.

The Most Beautiful Songs In The World by Spotify // This playlist contains quite a few singers and bands that I hadn't heard of before. There's also some old favourites mixed in as well like Bon Iver, Sigur Ros and Camera Obscura. The title of this playlist explains it all, it really is a collection of beautiful songs.

fortune cookies // Ocado is probably the worst place for me to food shop as I tend to add things to my order that I just do not need. This time is was fortune cookies!

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