Empties | February 2016

empties-february-2016-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog Lush Brandy Butter Bath Bomb // This bath bomb is packed full of cocoa butter and is incredibly moisturising and you can see the oils floating on the surface of the water. It's a winter scent and a mix of cinnamon and tangerine.

Lush The Enchanter Bath Bomb // I was a little bit disappointed with this bath bomb despite reading so many rave reviews. It was fun to watch and smelt nice but didn't wow me as much as I thought it might have.

Lush The Boog Bath Bomb // This was the cutest bath bomb ever! I wish I had bought more of these bath bombs but hopefully they'll come back next Christmas. It has a rosemary and sage scent with hints of something sweet.

Lush Error 404 Bath Bomb // This is another one that was a little bit disappointing but this time it is the scent. It just smells soapy to me and not in a particularly good way. I love the copper and turquoise colours when it fizzes away but I wouldn't buy it again if it came out in the Kitchen.

Lush Jingle Spells Bath Bomb // I liked this juniperberry, tangerine, fennel and ylang ylang scented bath bomb but I don't think I'd buy another if it comes out into the kitchen again.

Lush Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb // I loved this lavender bath bomb and it really helps me to relax if I'm having trouble sleeping. Unfortunately it's only available when brought out in the Kitchen but I will be stocking up when I can.

Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb | £3.50 // I love this honey scented bath bomb as it goes so well with the Gold Fun for bubbles and It's Raining Men Shower Gel, one of my favourite bath combinations. I always make sure I have one of these in my cupboard and I got one in the Mothers Day gift set I just bought for myself.

Viktor And Rolf Flower Bomb Perfume | £45 // This is one of my all time favourite perfumes and I really need to buy another bottle. It reminds me of a lot of different people and I just love the scent. Plus the bottle is really pretty!  

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover | £2.45 // I'm not too fussed with which nail polish remover I use and tend to just pick whichever is available from Asda when I need a new bottle. 

Bumble And Bumble Curl Conscious Holding Foam | £23.50 // I don't often throw away products that are still full of product but this is one of them. I really didn't get on with this hair mousse/foam and couldn't get it to work for my hair. No matter how little I applied, this left my hair feeling and looking horrible and sticky. Let me know if you've tried this and what you thought of it. I normally love B&B products so don't tend to read reviews on them before buying but maybe I should next time.

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