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I feel like I haven't had a good ASOS browse in a really long time. I also told myself I wouldn't even look on the site when the boxing day sale went live but really, there was no way that was going to happen. I got sucked in when I saw that a couple of things in my saved basked were reduced. I then got sucked into the website completely and ended up with seven things in my basket after telling myself I wouldn't buy anything. Also I kept, and loved, everything that I order which never usually happens with ASOS. Usually I keep about 30% of what I order and send the rest back either because they didn't suit or fit or the quality wasn't as good.

The only thing that wasn't part of the sale is the pleated midi skirt which has been on my to buy list for a long time. I've been on Pinterest quite a bit recently and a lot of outfits with pleated skirts have been pinned. It's something I can dress up easily or wear it on casual summer days with a stripe t-shirt and Birks.

The speckled jumper was an impulse buy that I wasn't sure if I would keep. In the photographs on the site it looks really nice but on the catwalk video it looked thin and not very good quality. You can never tell what it's going to look like but luckily it looks really nice on. I was worried anything that I wore underneath would stand out like a saw thumb but it actually looks okay. I can wear a grey, nude, navy or black t-shirt under it and it isn't too noticeable. I also really like that I am adding a tiny bit of colour to my wardrobe with this jumper but staying very much in my comfort zone. I have a lot of black, grey and blue jumpers but I don't have a white jumper and I really liked the rib effect this one has as well as the loose neck.

A mini black bag was missing from my collection. I have a couple of mini bags that I love but they're quite bright in colour and don't always go with what I'm wearing so this one is perfect. A smaller bag means that I carry less with me when I'm out which makes my back and shoulders happy.

The boots are perfect for day or night and the fake snake skin breaks up the plain black. I also like that the hardware is gold. When I was watching Liv's capsule wardrobe video the other week I realised I was missing a pair of interesting ballet flats from my collection. I've always had leopard print ballet flats in the back of my mind to buy but I never found a pair I really liked. These slippers from Park Lane are a different style to what I had imagined but I really like them. They might make my feet look a lot longer than they are but hey, I'll go with it.

The final thing in my order is a scarf that looks more like a blanket. We just need the weather to get colder so I can wear it!

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  1. That jumper is A-MAZING! Totally getting it for myself now! Haha!

    - Elodie x

  2. great post! and I'll never know if you'll keep anything with an ASOS order


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