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Twenty-Fifteen Overview |
I've just read back through the post I wrote this time last year and I honestly feel exactly the same and I cannot believe another year has gone by. Twenty-fifteen has been another okay year but nothing amazing or exciting has happened and I'd like to change that this year. I feel like I'm still in the same place as I was this time last year; my eczema hasn't changed, my anxiety hasn't gotten any worse, but it's still there and I feel like I'm just going through the motions still.

I didn't write any specific resolutions last year but the few goals I did write have pretty much all been completed. I completed my Goodreads Read Challenge and am doing it again this year. I bought another camera, a Canon EOS M, as well as a phone with an amazing camera and have been taking more photos as well as posting on my Instagram more. I've started the slow process of sorting out all my childhood photos into years and I now need to track down the scrapbooks I have in mind to house them all. I also started a Project Life album for my own photos and memories. I've loved doing this and find it really relaxing. Although I do count my blog as a hobby, I spend so much time of my spare time on it that sometimes it feels like I have two full time jobs. If I want to relax and have some downtime that isn't working on my blog, then I'll fill in a couple of pages in my PL album. I think I'm going to start a monthly blog series on my albums so let me know if anyone would be interested in it.

I was right in guessing that twenty-fifteen would be the year of the house plant for me. Some could say I went a little crazy but I find having them in my room relaxing and brings life to my space. I bought a fiddle leaf fig plant this year from Lidl for only £10. It's a plant that I love the look of, as you can probably tell from my pinterest, but never thought I'd own one! I have just managed to kill two plants though so maybe my green thumb isn't as good as I thought it was. I am blaming the complete lack of sunlight for this though and cannot wait till spring so I don't have to worry about them. I am a winter person through and through but I do feel bad on my plants having no sun.

I wrote last year that I wanted to push myself with my blog and improve my photos which I think I have. I feel like I've finally discovered how I want and like my photos to look and am having fun with trying out new styles and layouts. I also wrote that I wanted to blog every day which I didn't manage to do but would like to try again this year. It did mean I posted last night at 22:38 so I wouldn't miss a day on the 1st of January but I feel like I can do it this year and it's all in the planning. Once we get some good sunlight I'll be able to take a lot of photos and then spend a weekend writing up the posts.

Breakdown |
110 books read
6 more than my Goodreads Reading Challenge
2 places ticked off my to visit list
279 blog posts written
143 products finished
1713 bloglovin followers
7743 photos taken
3 Project Life albums completed
12.30, the time I managed to stay awake till on New Years. At least I saw in the New Year!

Twenty-Sixteen Goals |
Drink two litres of water a day
Get my eczema under control
Reach my goal weight or at least well on the way
Say yes more & push myself out of my comfort zone
Keep up with writing in my journal & Project Life albums
Scratch off at least one place on my scratch map
Complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge for the third year running

Ezema Diary |
Following on from my year goal of getting my eczema under control, I have decided to keep a diary to try and track my eczema. I'm hoping by documenting where flare ups are, where is irritating me that day, what I eat and drink and what I am doing will help to work out what is causing my eczema. I know a big part of my eczema flare ups is stress and while I can do a lot to help keep it under control, I know that stress is not the only thing that causes my eczema. Despite having a patch test in twenty-ten in which I had forty things tested and nothing coming back as a real reaction, I know there has to be something. I'm making a huge effort to keep my room free from dust and clean in the hopes that this helps as well. One of my presents at Christmas was a book by Sue Armstrong-Jones called The Eczema Solution. I'm a couple of chapters in and about to order a hand counter to keep track of how many times a day I scratch my skin but I'm thinking positively and hope that it helps to get rid of my eczema. I have a theory that my eczema comes in seven year cycles which means this is the year it should be gone or at least free from eczema for another seven years. Let's see how right I am!

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  1. I really appreciate your posts about eczema, as a fellow sufferer. I also have other conditions that get aggravated by what I'm around, and I've had multiple patch tests that come back with "well you're not allergic to anything..." as well. IMO it's not as great a test, because you can still be sensitive to things without being allergic to them. I am extremely cautious about what I put on my hands because they're so sensitive, and I almost always refuse to put drugstore products on them because those have usually aggravated my hands. But I love your posts about what sensitive skin products really work, and I'm looking forward to learning more from you about controlling eczema!


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