Project Life Update | January 2016

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I started a Project Life album at the start of last year but apart from a few Instagram photos, I haven't really shared anything. I've already filled one album so it was about time I started a new one. At the moment I've just been filling the albums with all my old photos that I've had printed over the years and all the mementos that I've saved. At some point I'll be up to date and can just add in as I go along the year. For now though I'm printing a year of photos each month and putting them into the album. This new album is 2007 to 2010.

I've also recently bought a new core kit as I was running low on some of the sizes and designs from the original I was using. Both core kits are designed by Liz Tamanaha for Project Life and I really like her own blog as well. I like that they're all pretty plain in design, monochrome or subtle colours and work well with each other. I'll probably write a post going into a bit more detail on the core kits if anyone is interested. I'm also thinking of making this update into a monthly thing where I can share some favourite pages, post about inspiration or what I've bought.
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