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Bats Of The Republic by Zachary Thomas Dodson | Living Etc Magazine Subscription | Fresh Sugar Mini Lip Treatment Trio | Mini Emergency Kit | Fruit Squeezers | The Little Book Of Lunch | Lush Bath Bombs | Mint Cupcake Soap. 

I was spoilt this year with what I got for Christmas and have been able to tick off the majority of my wishlist items along with a few surprises. We're a family that always makes a list which we pass round so I kind of knew what I was already getting and that's the way I like. I am the worst when it comes to surprises!

Top of my Christmas list was the Bats Of The Republic book which Sanne spoke about in one of her monthly book hauls and I was instantly intrigued by it. I haven't read too much about it or any reviews as I didn't want to spoil it and I'm only thirty pages into it so far. I love the front cover and all the small details that makes this book so unique. There's a book inside the book and a letter which you mustn't open until the end of the book. I'd really recommend looking into it.

I always ask for a subscription to Living Etc and I think this is the third year of having it. I don't buy any other magazines as I think this one is enough and it's nice to get a present through the post once a month for the year. I am hoping The Little Book Of Lunch makes it a lot easier when planning what to take to work each day for lunches. I love cooking but hate thinking what to make especially when it comes to lunch. Sticking with the cooking theme I fell in love with these lemon and orange squeezers after seeing them on various blogs and pinterest. They squeeze every last drop of juice out of the fruit and will be perfect for cooking and making smoothies. I just need to buy the lime one now to make a complete set.

I have always wanted one of those mini emergancy kits which houses everything you could possible need including a lip balm, deodrant, sewing kit and hair spray to name a few, and now I have one! Also the tin of Fresh lip balms is one of my favourite presents. These are the tinted versions and are incredbly moisturising. If you haven't tried them before then that needs to change.

It couldn't be Christmas without a few Lush bath bombs thrown in. My brother picked out some of my favourites as well and I cannot wait to use them. Shoot For The Stars and Star Dust being two favourites in particular. Star Dust looks plain from the outisde but it's the scent that makes it so impressive.

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  1. Haha, it wouldn't be Katy wothout Lush bath bombs! I like Fresh sugar brand. Unfortunately I've never tried anything from this brand. Love this post. & Wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family. <3
    xx Mia

    1. haha I think this is my favourite comment I've ever received!! so true, so true, you know me well ;) Happy new year to you as well :) xx


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