Favourites | 2015

Skin Care |
Liz Earle EyeBright | £13.25 // This isn't a new product but a lifelong favourite that I can see myself using until is not available to buy anymore. It's one of the few eye make-up removers that doesn't cause my eczema to flare up and irritate my skin. Although it isn't technically an eye make-up remover, more of a treatment, it works incredibly well. I also like to use it as a treatment in the summer when my hay fever is playing up and my eyes are puffy and sore.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel | £28 // This is the cleanser I've used pretty much solidly for all of 2015. Somehow I'm still on my first bottle although I think it's about to run out. I tend to only use this in the evenings so this might be why I've managed to make the bottle last such a long time. I like how it makes my skin feel and look as well as the texture. There's a few other cleansing balms I want to try and I want to repurchase Emma Hardie but I'll be using this for a long time to come.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads | £22 // I never would have thought I'd find an acid exfoliator that my sensitive skin liked but this is it. They're gentle enough for my skin but I can still feel them working. Plus the convenience that they're pre soaked pads means it takes all the fuss out of it. I can also easily travel with them and I'm not tempted to try anything else as I know these work for me.

Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream | £34 // I have struggled for years to find a moisturiser that I like. I hate the feeling of anything too heavy on my skin but I also have quite dry skin. It's a hard balance to get right but I think I've found it in this moisturiser. Although it's named a day cream, I still happily use it at night. I'm still using this small travel size from a set but will be buying the full size at some point.

Nourish Argan Skin Rescue | £21 // This is what I reach for when my skin is either feeling irritated or very dry. I have a tiny sample pot of May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon which I have been cherishing as it's so expensive. Although this oil from Nourish isn't the same thing, it's as close as I can get with what I have already and not spending £125 on a skin care product. It sinks in nicely and my skin is always happy when I use this. It's a bit too much to use on a daily basis so I save it for every now and again when my skin really needs it.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief | £34 // This is another moisturiser that I have really liked using this year. It's a little more moisturising than the Pai one so I've been mainly using this in the winter. I really like the texture of this moisturiser in that it feels and sinks in like a gel-cream so it feels very light on the skin but it's moisturising.

Beauty & Make-up |
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer | £22 // I use the lightest shade Chantilly which is a perfect match. I have very pale skin so I always struggle to find the right shade especially when it comes to concealer. It offers great coverage but doesn't feel heavy or cakey.

Louise Young Foundation Brushes | £19 & £24 // So I've used both of these to apply concealer and foundation and they work flawlessly. They make application so quick and easy that I haven't really reached for anything else since I bought them.

Mac Plumful Lipstick | £15.50 // Although I only tend to wear this in the colder months, it's one of my favourites. I love the formula and the colour works well either applied as a sheer layer or built up.

Burberry Military Red Lipstick | £26 // This is one of the few red lipsticks that I suit and I'm so glad I got a mini tube in a gift with purchase otherwise I never would have found it. I bought the full size as soon as it was back in stock as I didn't want to be without it. I'm glad I did as it looks like it's sold out pretty much everywhere again. It's a true red that isn't too blue or orange toned and doesn't dry my lip outs although it stays in place for a long time.

Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume | £53 // Black Orchid has been on my to buy list for years and it's the one perfume I always spray when I see it in a shop. I finally bought it this year and it's my go to night time perfume.

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb Perfume | £49.50 // This has been a long time favourite of mine but I have only recently bought a new bottle. It's my current day perfume of choice and I love it. It lasts a long time and I always get people asking what I'm wearing.

Tweezerman Mini Tweezers | £12 // Before I bought these I didn't really believe the hype around the Tweezerman tweezers but they really are the best tweezers I've used. I chose the mini ones are they're slightly cheaper but work just as well. Plus I just had to go for the mint colour.

Hair Care | 
Bumble And Bumble Sunday Shampoo | £18.50 // It was a toss up between this clarifying shampoo from Bumble And Bumble or the Phyto version but since I finished the Phyto one a few months ago I chose this one. Both work really well but the B&B lasts a lot longer so it works out cheaper. This helps to deep clean my hair without drying out my hair or irritating my scalp plus I love the smell.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer | £29 // This is pretty much the only hair mask I use, aside from one I am currently trying from Lush, as it just works so well. It's a pre-shampoo treatment that leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft.

Sachajuan Leave-In Conditioner | £22 // Sachuajuan has become one of my favourite hair care brands and I tried quite a few of their products in 2015. This leave-in conditioner is one of the best I've tried as it doesn't weigh the hair down despite how much you apply. I can use this in place of a normal conditioner and my hair still feels just as soft and it also helps to tame frizz and flyaways. This bottle has lasted a really long time though compared to others that I go through pretty quickly.

Sachajuan Ocean Mist | £18 // Another star product from Sachajuan is the Ocean Mist. It enhances the natural curl and wave I have in my hair without it feeling sticky or weighed down with product. I also love the bottle design!

Bumble And Bumble Surf Infusion | £21.50 // I use this alongside the Ocean Mist as it adds hydration to the hair as it as a sea salt spray and oil mix. I'm about half way through the bottle and will be buying another bottle as soon as it is empty.

Sebastian Professional Potion 9 | £25 // This purchase was inspired by Meg who named this one of her hero products. I use this when I just want something conditioning in my hair that isn't a salt spray. I usually use this when I wash my hair before the weekend. It also does an amazing job at making my curls more pronounced especially if I go to sleep with my hair slightly wet.

Sebastian Professional Whipped Cream | £20 // Another Sebastian product that I have fallen in love with. This is similar to a hair mousse but it doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy no matter how much I apply. I've been through a mini bottle of this and am working my way through the full size.

Bath & Body |
Lush Kitchen // 2015 was the year I discovered the Lush Kitchen and despite it starting up in 2014, I have no idea why it took me so long to make my first order. I've been making an order pretty much each week since that first one as well! I haven't really needed to buy any other products as I still have quite a few back ups to use so I've been spending my money on Lush instead.

Lush Salt And Peppermint Bark Body Scrub // Oh how I wish this wasn't limited edition! I only managed to pick up one as it didn't make its way into the UK Lush Boxing Day sale. You can imagine what it smells like given the name and it's an amazing body scrub. Abrasive enough that it will remove dead skin but doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I wouldn't normally choose a solid body scrub as they're a hassle to use and you have to leave them somewhere to dry in between uses but I've come to really love this one.

Lush Christingle Body Conditioner // Another product from the Christmas collection that I really wished wasn't limited edition although I do think they'll bring it back this year. I luckily managed to pick up two tubs in the sale which I'm going to save for the summer as I think it'll be amazing. It's incredibly moisturising and you use it in the same way you use a hair conditioner. Just before you get out of the bath or shower, apply a thin layer of this all over your body and rinse away. It leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished but also cool and tingly which I love. It feels very weird to be in a hot bath but feeling cold after using this.

Lush Calacas Shower Gel // This was a Lush Kitchen exclusive this year and I fell in love with the scent as soon as I smelt it. I hadn't  tried anything with the Calacas scent before this one despite hearing so many people raving about it. Think a mix of lemon and lime but also fruit pastilles. It's refreshing and uplifting and quite unusual.

Lush Snowcake Shower Gel // A shower gel version of one of my favourite Lush soaps? I cannot begin to describe how good this shower gel smells. I think it smells even better than the soap as well if that's even possible.

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