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Twenty-sixteen is the year I get rid of my eczema. At least I am telling myself that as I know positive thinking will help. I haven't been free of eczema since 2008 so that's over seven years. If you've read any of my other posts about eczema then you might have heard about my seven year theory. I believe that eczema, at least my own, comes in seven year cycles. It started when I was four and cleared when I was eleven. It then flared up when I was eighteen and hasn't gone away since then. I am into the seventh year and by this time next year I hope I can say I am free from eczema. For the next seven years at least!

My eczema isn't typical. My skin isn't particularly dry like others is. I find moisturising my skin only makes it itchier and actually my eczema disappears quicker if I let my skin dry out. The eczema on my hands is different to that on the rest of my body and the eczema on my feet is completely different. Don't even get me started on my scalp! Each part of my body has to be treated differently and the only way I can try and work out what causes my eczema is by keeping a diary and tracking everything.

I've had patch tests done and the results came back as negative. I didn't react enough to anything that was tested which I expected. I knew this since apart from things linked with hay fever, I'm not allergic to anything. Instead I think I am sensitive to certain things and it's this that I am trying to work out. I also know stress is a major factor in my eczema and I am taking steps to live a more peaceful life. I'm making an effort to switch off more and have down time instead of being on a computer twenty-four seven, seven days a week.

To do this I am going to keep a daily record of:
  • Food | what I eat in the day
  • Drink | what I drink in the day
  • Moisturise | have I moisturised? and what did I use
  • Steroid Cream | if I've used a steroid cream or not
  • Eczema patches | a list of where I have eczema
  • Other | anything else that I think is important

I think I'm going to make this into a monthly series so I'm able to keep track of things more easily if it's written down. It might also help others who are trying to do the same thing.

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  1. Good luck! I've started getting seriously dry patches on my legs that are so damn itchy... Doing my best to treat it as eczema runs in my family (is that possible? Quite a number of people on my dad's side have it) and can you even develop this when you're 28? Ugh, anyway, I hope 2016 is THE year for you!

    1. Thank you so much!

      yes to both! It most definitely does run in families although it might miss a generation or family member here or there. Neither of my parents have had eczema but my mums parents did and some of my cousins do. Also I don't think age matters either. Yes it's more common in children but still can flare up at any age. I think the best way is to try and treat it straight away :) xx

  2. I know so many people with eczema, I really don't think there is enough time dedicated to it. I would love to learn more about people's experiences with eczema because it is such an individual thing. All my friends have had totally different experiences.

    Kiran |


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