Sunday Pamper 024 | Anything Off The Trolley, dear?

sunday-pamper-lush-cocktail-Anything-Off-The-Trolley-dear-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 3 sunday-pamper-lush-cocktail-Anything-Off-The-Trolley-dear-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 2 sunday-pamper-lush-cocktail-Anything-Off-The-Trolley-dear-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog 1 Ingredients
1/2 Think Pink Bath Bomb
1/2 Blackberry Bath Bomb
1/4 Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
1/4 Sunnyside Bubble Bar
1/3 MMMelting Moments Bath Melt

As you can see, this cocktail is made up of five different products and is quite a luxurious bath. If I was going to recreate it again then I'd definitely add in smaller amounts of the bubble bars. I loved the scent mixes though and as you can imagine from the Think Pink Bath Bomb, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and MMMelting Moments Bath Melt, it's very sweet, almost sickly sweet but in a good way. The sharpness from the Blackberry Bath Bomb tones it down a little bit and the orange and lemon from Sunnyside Bubble Bar is refreshing. I crumbled the two bubble bars into running water and then added the two bath bombs. Once they had fizzed away I then added the bath melt which made the water really moisturising. This is the last I have of the old MMMelting Moments Bath Melt and although the newer version contains a lot more oils, I still have a soft spot for this one.

All Lush bath cocktails can be found on Jens blog, All Things Lush. They have all been created by either Jen or her readers, I am simply testing them out and sharing on my own blog.

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  1. This looks such fun to do and I bet it smelt amazing! Great idea :)

    Amy • Blog | Bloglovin' | Instagram


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