Lush Christmas 2015 | Part Three

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Versatile and mouldable, Fun can be soap, shampoo, bubble bath or whatever you want it to be - the only limit is your imagination. 
Santa Fun | £5 // He's making a list, he's checking it twice...
Bubbles [✓]
Soap [✓]
Shampoo [✓]
Santa Claus is coming to town, but what shape will he be in by the time he reaches your house? Whether you want bathing, playing or a good old fashioned wash behind the ears, this jolly Fun bar is sure to deliver! Build your own jolly Saint Nick using the different colours from this gentle Fun bar then use a little to wash hair and body. You can even use this gentle product as a shaving soap! (Save some to crumble under the tap for a festively floral soak too!)

Magic Of Christmas Fun | £5 // It's a magical time of the year, so release your inner illusionist and stage a bath of stimulating juniperberry and zesty tangerine bubbles to send your mood soaring. This bright, lustre-filled bar is just the trick for shaping into your own witch or wizard, or shampooing hair with.

Snakes And Ladders Fun | £5 // Boring bathtimes are hisss-tory when you get hands on with this multi-purpose, buchu bar! Get cracking with your own version of that slippery board game, using the inside of your bath to demonstrate - or why not go three dimensional? Afterwards use your playing pieces to soap up, shampoo or alternatively crumble a little under running water for soft, fruity bubbles.

Snowman Fun | £5 // Does anyone else smell carrots? A sweet blend of buchu, bergamot and Sicilian lemon essential oils are sure to conquer winter sniffles as you use your multicoloured fun to build a bath time snowman. When you're done, don't wait for him to go walking in the air - this versatile little chap would prefer to cleanse body and hair, (as well as create a few uplifting bubble baths for you). That's snow business!

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  1. I got one of these as part of a gift but I'm not sure how to use it! I think i'll probably try it as a shower gel - I love the colours of the snowman one :)

    Caz | thisiscaz

    1. I prefer to use it as a bubble bar although they do work really well as shower gels :) xx


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