Lifestyle Favourites 005

lifestyle-favourites-005-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog Smooth Christmas // How have I only discovered Smooth Christmas this year! A whole radio station dedicated to Christmas songs. I also missed a month of being able to listen to it as it starts in November. I think you need a DAB radio to be able to play it so I've been moving my bug radio into which ever room I am in and want to listen to it. It's been the perfect soundtrack for when I've been tidying and cleansing as well as wrapping presents. It's definitely made it feel more like Christmas!

H&M Pine Forest Candle // We have the Christmas tree in the front room and I love how the whole room smells of pine when you open the door. I remembered I had this pine candle from H&M in my bedroom tucked away on a bookcase so I've been lighting this each night. I also love the marble packaging and I'll be reusing it when the candle has burnt out.

Mint Hot Chocolates // It doesn't feel like Christmas until I've had a hot chocolate with a candy cane in it. I've pulled out all the stops this year and have got cream and mini marshmallows as well.

ASOS Christmas Jumper // This is the jumper I wore for Christmas Jumper Day last Friday and also what I've been wearing at the weekends. It's so warm and cosy as it's a double knit and with the mild weather we've had I've been able to wear this and no coat which I love. I take any opportunity not to wear a coat!

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