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Let me start off with saying that I hope everyone had an amazing day yesterday! Merry Christmas to you all. 

I did have a post written in my drafts folder wishing everyone a good day but the day just seem to fly by and before I knew it it was nearly midnight and I hadn't opened my laptop all day. It was a nice and relaxing day for me with my family and I'm making the most of a couple of days off work. I will hopefully have all my blog posts scheduled as I've been slacking recently when it comes to the blog and I really don't like it. It's been a mix of no light to take photos and then when I finally am able to take some, I can't find the words to go with them. I've spent the past couple of days brainstorming ideas and have planned all the content for the next month, now I just have to put it all into place!
Despite being off work, I set my alarm for quite early this morning so I could spend hours refreshing the Lush website trying to make an order. Oh the joys of the UK Lush website! I wasn't sure what time the sale would go live so I woke up at 8am although it didn't go live until 9am.

I had a game plan for how I was going to go about the sale and for the most part it worked in my favour and I managed to place an order around 9.30am. I only managed to buy five things as the majority hadn't been added to the site or the sale. I'm not sure if this means they had already sold out or if they simply couldn't be added because the site kept on crashing. I was also surprised to see some of the permanent products in the sale and I really hope this doesn't mean they are being discontinued! I love the French Kiss Bubble Bar and Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar and will be sad to see them go, I don't know why they'd be in the sale otherwise.

Now onto what I wanted to buy; everything in the photo above plus Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb which I forgot to photograph. I really wanted an extra tub or two of Christingle which I could save for the summer as it makes your skin tingle which I imagine will be amazing on holiday or if we have a heat wave. I fell in love with the strawberry scent of Peeping Santa Bubble Bar which I wanted to stock up on as well as Bar Humbug Bubble Bar. I really regret not buying more of the Salt And Peppermint Bark Scrub since it looks like it's not part of the sale and has quickly become one of my all time favourites. I have a mini bottle of Rose Jam Shower Gel and had wanted to buy a larger bottle which my mum and I could share. Instead we'll have to savour this one until next Christmas.

In reality, my order consisted of Cinders Bath Bomb, Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, Father Christmas Bath Bomb, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb and The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar. All of which I wanted and love, but wouldn't have been my first choices out of my wishlist. From scrolling through Instagram it seems like a lot of people haven't been able to make an order, I luckily managed to but I am now worrying that the payment might have gone through several times with the amount of refreshing I had to do! Or I'll end up with ten orders!

Anyone else managed to make an order?

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  1. I always love your Lush post and it looks like it's an incredible purchase! Hope to see your review on some of these stuff. :)

  2. I managed to make an order this evening but I am slightly terrified that they've either took payment 5 times or I'll end up with nothing I chose! I'm slightly frustrated they still haven't found a method to work for their boxing day sales online, it's the same issue every year :(
    Lou Barker xo


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