Lush Christmas 2015 | Part One

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Peeping Santa Bubble Bar | £3.95 // This is a new addition to the Christmas collection this year and it has quickly turned into one of my all time favourites. It shares its scent with Yummy Mummy Shower Gel and Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar which are two other favourites that are only released occasionally. It's quite a sweet strawberry scent along with bergamot and geranium. It's packed full of shea butter and various oils so it's incredibly moisturising. It also looks pretty cute too! This is one of the ones I'm going to make sure I stock up on in the sales. It's a really good size bubble bar and I can get four baths out of it.

Cinders Bath Bomb | £2.95 // This is brought back each year and the scent just reminds me of Christmas. Cinders is one of the smaller sized bath bombs which I actually prefer as I don't feel like I'm wasting it all since you only get one use. My bath is also smaller than average so this size is perfect for me and I wish all the bath bombs were this size. I also love the popping candy although sometimes it's a little hard to hear after I've had the water running to fill up the tub.

So White Bath Bomb | £3.65 // So White is another old Christmas classic and has the most beautiful apple scent which you don't really find in bath products. This is one of the more moisturising bath bombs and despite it looking pretty plain from the outside, it's a nice one to watch fizz away and see what colour the water turns.

Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar | £4.95 // This one is slightly more expensive than the usual bubble bars but I think that if you squished the five rings together then the bubble bar would be a similar size to The Comforter which is the same price. I absolutely love the vanilla and moringa scent of this one although it's not a particularly Christmas-sy scent. Be Warned the glitter gets everywhere but it's only on the outside.

Snow Angel Bath Melt | £3.95 // Snow Angel is described as a bath melt but I think it's more of a bath bomb that is slightly more moisturising than normal. It doesn't melt in your hands like the other bath melts do and it fizzes away pretty quickly. This has a lovely marzipan scent with a hint of rose, benzoin and cassie absolute. The scent reminds me of Snowcake Soap which I haven't bought this year as I'm still using last years!

Yog Nog Bath Bomb | £3.95 // When I saw the list of products in this years Christmas range I was so excited to see a bath bomb version of my favourite soap, Yog Nog. The smoky caramle scent of this is incredible and it's so strong. I don't know if it's just the ones I ordered but they're quite crumbly and soft so I've been able to cut the bath bomb into four and get even more uses out of it. Since the scent is so strong anyway and is incredibly moisturising, I haven't felt like I was missing out on anything by using small pieces. This is another one I will be stocking up on!

The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar | £5.95 // I've said this a lot in this post, but this is another absolute favourite! I can't even begin to say how much I like the scent and I'm tempted to buy as many as I can in fear that it might not be brought back next year. At the moment I have resisted but come Boxing Day sale, it might be another story! I also find I can get so many more baths out of these reusable bubble bars than the normal ones. The scent is a mix of cinnamon, clove, almond and orange.

Salt And Peppermint Bark Body Scrub | £5.95 // Repeating myself again but this is another favourite! I love anything peppermint scented so knew I'd like this one. Although I'm not a huge fan of these body scrub bars, the scent totally makes up for this! As long as you don't get it too wet, it wont dissolve into nothing straight away like you think it might.

Celebrate Body Lotion | £12.95 // This body lotion isn't a new product but I've never tried it before. It's in quite a few of the Lush cocktails I want to try so I added it to my order. The main scent is citrus, a mix of orange and lime with a splash of cognac.

Snowman Shower Jelly | £3.95 // I love how this is in the shape of a snowman! It was pretty hard to show in a photo so I kept it in the tub. This has the same scent as the Snowman Fun and is a mix of buchu, lemon and bergamot. It's a nice refreshing scent that I like to use in the mornings.

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb | £3.65 // I love the design of this bath bomb and it creates the most beautiful patterns in the water as it fizzes away. The scent is orange and bergamot and is another one I'm going to stock up on.

Christingle Body Conditioner | £16.50 // I love the body conditioners from Lush as I hate applying body lotion. I love the peppermint, spearmint, grapefruit and menthol scent and it really does tingle when you use it. You use this just like you do a hair conditioner, it's the last step before you get out of the bath or shower. Apply a layer all over the body and rinse away and your skin is left feeling incredibly soft.

Star Dust Bath Bomb | £2.95 // This one is one of the more plainer bath bombs from Lush and one that you'd probably miss in store among all the others that look amazing. It has a really nice vanilla and rose scent though and there's a surprise one it's added to the bath.

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  1. Regardless of how many reviews I've read about lush's bath bombs, I've never actually gone out and bought one myself. The cinders and yog nog bath bombs both sound awesome :D


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these! I'm a big lush fan and always like to read up about the new products before I splash out!
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