Favourite Layering Nail Polishes

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OPI Comet In The Sky | Orly RIP | Orly Watch It Glitter | Orly Go Deeper | OPI I Juggle Men | OPI I'll Tinsel You In | Essie Pinking About You | OPI I Lily Love You | Essie A Cut Above | Essie Summit Of Style | Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Although I am a huge nail polish addict fan, I don't really like glitter nail polishes and usually wear a crème finish. I do have a select few that I absolutely love though and thought I'd share them. I also tend to only wear these polishes in the Autumn or winter so now is perfect timing.
I wear a base colour under all of these, usually black or a light pastel shade, as I find removal much easier and the glitters stand out better than if painted on their own. Out of them all Orly Go Deeper is my favourite as the blue-green glitter looks incredibly over black.

What's your favourite glitter nail polish?

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  1. I also love layering non-glitter nail polishes! Specifically those dark nail polishes that go on streaky for the first layer, and turn super opaque second layer. Those always mix perfectly to create a whole new shade! Super love your glitter polish collection.

    Cindy | www.cindyhyue.com


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