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Avobath Bath Bomb
You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt
Brightside Bubble Bar
Santa's Sack Bubble Bar

Sunday Pamper on a Wednesday! Excuse the title of the post as this was meant to be posted on Sunday but putting up some shelves above my desk took longer than expected and once we were done all I wanted to do was watch Gossip Girl on Netflix and eat some Ben & Jerrys. Opening up my laptop to write out this post was the last thing I wanted to do so here we are on a Wednesday. Oh how I want to recreate this bath and read a good book instead of going to work in the rain.

I feel like I've discovered another world of Lush and this is creating a bath cocktail by combining a few different products. I am working my way through All Things Lush's list and will be sharing them here in my Sunday Pamper posts. I also want to try and make some of my own.

The only thing I will say is that I never use the amount that is listed as I have quite a small bath and feel like I'm sort of wasting the money I've spent on each product by throwing them all into one bath. For example in this cocktail you're meant to add a whole bath bomb and bath melt and about half of the two bubble bars. I just think this is too much for me so instead I cut the bath bomb into quarters and only added a sprinkle of the bubble bars. It really depends on your own tastes with how much you want to use.

I still found it gave enough scent and all four products went perfectly together. I loved the citrus scent and will definitely be making this one again. Since this cocktail was missing a shower gel I decided to use Lush Lime Shower Smoothie as I thought the lime scent would work well which it did. I love the shower smoothies and hope Lush bring some more out as this one was a Kitchen exclusive. You use them like you do a soap but they're really creamy and moisturising. This one has a sort of whipped consistency.

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