Month In Photos | September 2015

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Now that I have a better camera on my phone and I'm getting more into Instagram, I don't really pick up my DSLR to take daily snapshots. I don't carry it when I'm out and about and I like that I can instantly share my photos on Instagram instead of storing them all until I get home and upload onto my laptop. My Week In Photos posts are no longer weekly and have turned into more of a round up post as and when I remember to. This is where Month In Photos comes in. Same idea as WIP, but instead it's once a month.

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  1. I like the idea of blogging backgrounds, are they wallpaper? where did you get them from x

    1. Yeah the majority of my photo backgrounds are wallpapers.I get the samples from places like B&Q. If a place has open rolls of wallpapers, just ask a staff member if you can have a sample piece :) xx


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