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I've been having a real issue with my hair recently and I don't really know why. I have naturally curly/wavy hair, but in my early teens I straightened it basically every day. Around fourteen or fifteen I started to wear it natural and loved it and have pretty much every day since. I never straighten it anymore and if I want to have it looking a bit more "neat" then I'll use a curling tong/wand. Since I was fifteen (I'm twenty-five now) I've used the same technique of adding a curling product to damp hair and them simply leaving it to dry naturally and having no problems with it. For the past, I don't know, maybe six months or so my hair just hasn't been sitting right. It gets frizzy really quickly and despite having a very dry scalp it's been getting quite greasy recently. It almost feels like product build up or I haven't washed my shampoo/conditioner out properly which I know it's not and I have been. I've had enough of it and have announced to my mum on several occasions that I am fed up of it and want to just shave it all off. I obviously won't be, but I really hate my hair at the moment. So one night I decided to just order a load of different products to try and get my hair back to how it was.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Air-Dry Waves Styling Foam | £6.99 // This is an interesting product and I knew I had to try it after I first heard about it. To be honest, I haven't liked any of the other Frizz Ease products I've tried in the past as I found them all to be really sticky no matter how little I applied or what type of product it was. My mum loves the range though so it really does differ from person to person. Since it wasn't too expensive I thought I'd give it a go and if I didn't get on with it I knew my mum would at least try it for herself anyway. So you apply it like you would a mousse, but it has a lightly foam like texture to it. The lightness can be deceiving though and I'm still working out how much product I need to use without it feeling sticky or crunchy. It's early days and I'll report back when I've tried it properly.

John Masters Organics Sea Mist | £16 // John Masters is a brand I'd like to try more from and since I love the Scalp Serum so much I thought I'd try another hair product. I did not really need another sea salt spray, but I bought it anyway. The bottle is huge and considering the price it's a pretty good bargain. It has a hint of lavender to it which I love and acts a bit like a hair perfume. I use this like I do with all sea sprays. I spray it all over damp hair and leave to dry naturally after creating a parting.

Bumble And Bumble Prêt-à-Powder | £22 // I like to wear my grown out side fringe in some sort of side bride on a daily basis to work as it gets the hair out of my face, but also looks pretty. I want to experiment more with braids after reading through The Beauty Departments hair section and a volume powder is a must have product. I have a couple that I want to try over time, but I thought Prêt-à-Powder was a good place to start. Prêt-à-Powder can be used as a dry shampoo, but I feel like it's a bit too much of a faff and would rather use a spray version simply for ease. Instead I bought it to add texture, volume and grit to braids so you can make them look messy and lived in. It also makes pulling braids apart to appear bigger and fuller a dream.

Sebastian Professional Potion 9 | £12.70 // I've heard so many people rave about this and I don't know why it's taken me so long to try it. I went for the smaller size first so I could properly try it out without spending the full amount. It's orange in colour and smells really nice. I tend to use one and a half pumps since I do have long hair. I smooth it onto damp hair before leaving to air dry or if I want to go to bed quickly I just put it up in a bun and once I wake up my natural curl/wave is ten times stronger. It's sort of a leave-in conditioner that is practically invisible in your hair, but leaves it feeling silky soft and frizz free.

Bumble And Bumble Surf Infusion | £21.50 // I have and love the original surf spray from Bumble & Bumble so when I heard a new version was being released I knew I had to try it. You still get all the texture and beach waves, but with the added bonus of an oil to keep hair nourished. I shake it up to mix the salt and oil then spray all over damp hair while scrunching to distribute and create curls.

Living Proof Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse | £13 // I decided to buy the mini size of this as I've never used it before and mousse can be hit or miss. I didn't want to spend £22 on the full size just in case. At least with this mini can if I do like it I can simply buy the full size once it's empty, but if I don't then I haven't spend as much and there is less product to use. I find it quite hard to find a mousse that enhances curl as the majority are used to add volume. I prefer applying mousse to my hair as I find it the easiest to apply without my hair going frizzy once dry. This is meant to enhance natural curl and wave without it leaving the hair crispy or frizzy. As with all of these products I'm sure I'll write full reviews once I've tried them all properly.

If these all fail then I think a trip to the hair dressers is in order to try and get it looking it's best again.
Any other recommendations please leave in the comments!

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  1. Hope you find something that works! xx

    Ioanna |

  2. Based on your description, I think my hair is pretty similar, and I've tried a lot of the same products (the John Frieda, John Masters, and the two B&B products). I didn't really like the John Frieda one- the best product I've tried that works the way that one does is the Sally Hershberger Glam Waves Style Shaper. It's a little more expensive, but doesn't leave the hair crispy and actually helps it to dry without frizz. If I air-dry, I use that or the surf infusion (which I also really like). Would love to see updates with what you like/don't like about these products!

    1. I'll have a look into the Sally Hershberger product, thank you!! I honestly don't mind paying a little bit more for a product if it works as I've struggled so much! I'll either write mini reviews for each one or in my favourites or even disappointing products if they don't work :) xx

  3. My hair went through an odd phase like that too! Now it's fluctuated the other way and I'm literally using an egg sized amount of conditioner (admittedly it is working so I shouldn't complain).

    Though expensive and a little 'extreme' I have had brazilian blow drys in the past and they work a treat at removing the frizz but letting curls/waves do their own thing. Only drawbacks are cost and also the need to specific shampoo (sulfate free or sodium free or something similar).

    Sending all my luck, Beanie x


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