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Philip Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp Mask | £8 // A part from the scalp toner, this mask is my most used and most repurchased. I apply this to wet hair all over my scalp and leave to sink in, usually thirty minutes to an hour, and then I wash it out as usual. Now as far as the exfoliating properties go, I have no idea if this actually exfoliates my scalp. It's a cream and doesn't contain any manual beads like standard scrubs, all I know is my scalp reacts really well to it. I use this when my scalp is irritated and itchy. I also like to double up and apply elasticizer to the ends and my hair always feels amazing afterwards.

Aveda Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution | £22 // This isn't a review or even a first impressions as I haven't tried this yet. I have heard great things about it though and I'm hoping it'll be another product I can rely on when my scalp is irritated. It's a daily leave in treatment to reduce flakiness. Although I know the dry skin on my scalp is eczema and not dandruff, I've read reviews from people who say this still works for them. It helps to prevent itchiness as well as purifying the scalp with salicylic acid to gently exfoliate.

Fushi Scalp Soother Oil | £20.50 // I use this on weekends when I know I'm not leaving the house as your hair will be left incredibly greasy, as you'd expect, after application. Although greasy, my hair and scalp always feels moisturised and happy the next day. This is packed full of different oils: Jojoba, Evening primrose oil, Sweet almond oil, Borage oil, Vitamin E, Bergamot, Chamomile and Wild carrot. Cheekweed is the anti-itch ingredient although I tend to use this when my scalp is dry rather than itchy and irritated. I can manage applying the others to my own scalp, but this one I definitely need a helping hand. I tend to get my mum to do it and we'll spend the time catching up with a TV show. At the moment it's The Tomorrow People. I love the product, but hate the packaging. It would be a lot better and easier to use if it had a pump, pipette or nozzle like some of the others do. I apply this all over my dry scalp and leave to sit for as long as I can then wash as normal.

Phyto Phytoapaisant Instant Soothing Spray | £15 // This is one I reach for mid-week when my scalp is irritated but I can't use anything on my hair that's going to make it look oily or greasy. A couple sprays of this and my scalp is soothed. The packaging for this is perfect and the long nozzle makes it incredibly easy to use. This can has lasted a really long time and each time I go to use it I think it's going to run out but it hasn't yet. It looks like it's sold out everywhere at the moment so I hope it's back in stock when I need to repurchase.

John Masters Organics Scalp Deep Scalp Purifying Serum | £ // I've just repurchased my second bottle of this and although I was only without it for a week, a week was definitely too long. This is another one I tend to get my mum to apply just because it's easier. I apply this all other my scalp on dry hair and left it sink in. Depending on the day I apply this, I either let it sink in and leave it or I wash it out after an hour or two. Once it's sunk in it does disappear and almost acts like a dry shampoo making your hair look less greasy. It has the most amazing mint scent which reminds me of the dentist. The pipette makes applying the gel really easy although once you get to the end of the bottle then a bit of shaking is needed to get the last of it out. I use this when my scalp is itchy and feeling irritated. The directions say to apply 2-4 drops to the scalp, but this is definitely not enough if you're applying it all over. I just tend to apply enough to cover my whole scalp. It does mean I go through the bottle quite quickly, but it's what works for me and I'm going to keep doing it as it's made a huge difference to how my scalp is.

Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner | £20 // This was one of the first scalp products I tried a few years ago when the eczema started flaring up. It has similar instant results to the Phyto spray, but I find with a few regular uses it really helps to stop my eczema flaring up. I always make sure I have this to hand in case my scalp flares up. I apply this to dry hair and either apply it to certain areas or all over the scalp as more of a treatment. If my scalp is really irritated then I'll apply it to towel dried hair after I've washed it and before I apply any other products. Once this dries then it's pretty much invisible in your hair and can be used in between washes when needed.

I really love the MorrocanOil Dry Scalp Treatment which I wrote about here, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere since. I'm not sure if they've discontinued it, but I definitely miss using it and it's one of the products that made a huge difference to my scalp.

You can read my mini review post on the two Philip Kingsley products here.

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  1. I sometimes get a dry scalp and love to mix a little coconut oil and tea tree oil together to make a mask and it works a treat!

    Emily x


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