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When it comes to accessories I'm all about less is more. I don't wear a lot of jewellery, just a couple of rings on occasion, a dainty necklace and the odd bracelet. When it comes to sunglasses though I am obsessed. These three are just the ones I've been wearing the most recently, but I have quite a collection. Since I do like to switch them out quite often, I don't tend to pay more than £15 for them. If they only last a couple of years then I'm okay with that as it means I can constantly try out new styles and colours without spending £100 on each of them. Tortoiseshell suits me the best and the bigger the better. I also love how the matte black ASOS sunglasses look, they're just a bit different. I also want to buy a peach or pink pair, but I think I'll have to shop for them in person to get the right shade that suits me.

I sorted through my jewellery drawer the other week and I realised I didn't have many bracelets I actually liked and wore on a regular basis. I made a pile to go to the charity shop and had a quick browse on ASOS for some new pieces. I fell in love with the rose gold open leaf bracelet as soon as a I saw it. It's perfect to wear it on its own or layered with others. I also bought the plain rose gold bracelet to go with it as well as I don't own too much rose gold jewelry.

While browsing ASOS for jewelry I saw these slip-ons in the sale that are perfect when I want a bit of colour to an outfit. They're really comfy and effortless. I just had to buy another pair in a different pattern!

I've been eyeing up a small black Carvela bag for a while now but it wasn't anything special, I just liked the shape, so I never bought it. When browsing TKMaxx I saw it for quite a bit cheaper but the zip was broken so I took that as a sign not to buy it. Next to it I saw this bright coral mini bag and loved it. It's completely different to any other bags I own. It's summery and is only big enough to hold my purse, phone and keys which is what I wanted.

Finally, I want to take more photos this summer and will be carrying around my EOS M as it's smaller than my DSLR but the quality is just as good.

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  1. The leaf cuff bracelet is so pretty x

    Lucy |

  2. Sunglasses are my addiction once summer time rolls around! Thankfully here in Australia it's quite appropriate to wear sunglasses all year round. x

  3. Absolutely love the shoes. Such a good price too!


    Fancy read? Check out my latest post What I got up to in Scotland x


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