OPI Fiercely Fiona

notd-opi-fiercely-fiona-nail-polish-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat
OPI Fiercely Fiona // three coats
CND Speedey Top Coat

Fiercely Fiona

I don't often wear yellow nail polishes but I actually really like Fiercely Fiona. It suits my skin tone and it's one of the only yellow polishes in my collection. It's not the colour I imagine when thinking of Fiona, but I guess you don't want a colour too similar to Who The Shrek Are You?


As you'd expect from a nail polish of this colour, the formula isn't great. It's thin and needs at least three coats to become opaque. It's also very streaky so you have to make sure you apply each layer neatly and thin. If you have any ridges on our nails, like I do, then you can really see them with this polish. A topcoat does help with this but it's not smooth like other nail polishes are. It's not the worst yellow nail polish I've tried though! A slight buff of the nails would have made a huge difference and something I'll do next time I wear it.

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  1. This colour reminds me of Bananas. Love it!


  2. I don't wear yellow nail polish as I struggle to find a good yellow colour, this looks perfect.


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