Life Box July 2015

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July Menu
“Drink Maple” Maple Water | Nuzest Good Green Stuff Sachet | Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Sachet | GoPals Nori Wrapped Power Wrap | Manna Superfood Goji Berry Mini Jar | Love Your Blender Sachet | Elements for Life Raw Cacao Grinder | Joe’s Tea Co Single Bag Matchbox | 100% Natural Foods Handmade Raw Chocolate Brownie | Keen Nut Butter Mini Jar | Mini Beond Acai Raw Bar | Wedderspoons Raw Manuka Honey on the Go | Lifebox Raw Cashew Bag

So I've had Julys Lifebox for a week now and I've tried a couple of things from it. When I opened the box the two that I was most excited about was the almond vanilla butter and the raw cacao nibs grinder. I have a whole jar full of cacao nibs but haven't really found a use for them as they're quite hard and not very nice to chew. This grinder will come in handy though once I've finished it as I'll be able to refill it. You can choose to have it coarse or fine which gives all the flavour, but easier to eat. I'm planing on using it on top of porridge, smoothies and fruit granola bowls.

I've also tried the maple water which is nice but tastes very sweet. The manuka honey was the perfect topping for the fruit, yogurt and granola bowl I made last weekend. The raw brownie tasted amazing and really helped to stop a chocolate craving. So far that's all I've tried as I want to make everything last throughout the month until my next box arrives.

I'm thinking of using the cashew nuts to try and make my own cashew milk but I need to order a jelly bag first. I'm excited but a bit scared of trying the seaweed power wraps. Seaweed is a bit hit or miss with me as I like it certain times but didn't when I tried to make my own sushi.

You can see last month's box contents here.

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  1. This is such a great idea! I have to admit, the idea of a snack box does appeal to me more than a beauty box.


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