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Latest In Beauty is one of my favourite beauty boxes. Not only do you get to see the products before you order but they release so many different options that there's one for everyone. You can also build your own box which I've done countless times. Their most recent box is the LIB Beauty Awards Box. First of all you pick which box you want. It starts off at £8.99 for three products, £12.99 for six or £16.99 for nine. Then there are eight categories to choose from although you can pick several products from the same category which is what I did. I wasn't interested in anything from the Best Eye Makeup selection, the green award or skincare saviour. Once you've tried all the products you've picked, you then vote for which one you want to win. 

Best Newcomer
Skincare Saviour
Must-have Makeup
Hottest Haircare
Green Award
Best Eye Makeup
Body Beautiful
Cult Classic

I chose the nine product box after looking at all the products that are on offer as I knew I wouldn't be able to narrow it down any further. I chose a couple of products that I had already tried before and then others that I had heard about and have been on my wishlist. I was particuarly excited to see the new bath fizzer from Zoella was available as it's only just been released. I loved the original scent, but I have to be honest and I say I was a bit disappointed with this one. It smells lovely, but to me it doesn't smell like tutti fruitti. It reminds me of a Lush bath bomb, but I can't for the life of me think which one. I definitnely prefer the more fresh smelling original range from Zoe.

Three other products I've used before are the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and COLAB Dry Shampoo. All three are perfect for travel and I'll be keeping them for future holidays. 

I was also excited to see the Skin & Tonic London Steam Clean, a cleansing balm, as I was going to order a sample of this from Naturisimo which costs £11. Add in the Zoella Bath Fizzer and you've got the price of the box and everything else is basically thrown in for free. This cleansing balm as full of only good ingredients and smells of spearmint which is amazing and I cannot wait to use it.

I threw in the popband hair band as I love using these as they don't hurt my scalp or break away my hair. I've tried all the different Burt's Bees Lip Balms before, but none of their colour products. I really like the packaging and the colour looks lovely. The final two products I chose are both bath products. First up is the Kneipp Bath salts which I'm looking forward to using. It's quite a generous size sachet and I think I'll probably get two or three uses from it. I can't say what they smell like yet though as I haven't opened the sachet. The Tisserand Bath Oil smells amazing and will hopefully relax me before bed. 

Zoella Beauty Fresh Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer // Skin & Tonic London Steam Clean // Burt's Bees Lip Crayon in Hawaiian Smolder // Popband // COLAB Sheer & Invisible Dry Shampoo in Monaco // Philip Kingsley Elasticizer // Kneipp Pure Bliss Mineral Bath Salts // Tisserand Sweet Dreams Bath Oil // DHC Deep Cleansing Oil .

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