Empties // July 2015

july-2015-empties-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser | £14 // I really liked this cleanser when I first bought it and it's one I tended to save for the mornings when I just wanted to quickly wash my face. I probably wouldn't buy this one again though as I'm currently using the FAB Cleansing Milk which I prefer.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads | £22 // I was afraid of using an acid toner on my sensitive skin, but these from FAB are incredibly gentle and I haven't had any reactions yet. I bought this mini tub so I could test them out before buying the full size which was perfect. I'm also going to keep hold of this empty tub so I can use it for traveling. I like that they are pre-soaked pads as it just makes it so much easier to use. I have already bought the full size which contains sixty pads.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub | £13 // This body scrub was a bit disappointing. TBS scrubs vary in how abrasive they are and this coconut version was pretty gentle and it didn't really feel like it was doing much. I wouldn't buy it again. I also never buy TBS products full price and I think I only paid around £5 for this. It;s definitely not worth £13.

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub | £13 // I started this body scrub at the same time as the coconut version which is why I've finished two this month. I don't normally like to have more than one type of product on the go, but I love both scents too much I couldn't resist. This started to smell like almonds and marzipan towards the end of it so I don't know if it was going off or not. I still used it though as I only had a small amount left. This was more abrasive than the coconut version, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

Modern Apothecary Sandalwood Hand Wash // I buy these hand soaps from TKMaxx and I buy a couple every time I see them. I keep them in the bathroom and they last a really long time, a good six to nine months. I usually find them in the clearance section for about £3 or £4 so it works out quite a bargain. Plus the bottles look really nice next to the sink. I'm currently using a eucalyptus & lemon myrtle version which I am loving.

Asda Nail Polish Remover | £1 // I wasn't expecting to like this nail polish remover, but I needed one and Asda had sold out of the other brands I normally buy. It's actually really good and even removes glitter nail polish without much effort. I'll definitely be buying this one again.  

Bourjois Nail Polish Remover Pot | £4.99 // I've had a few of these nail polish remover pots over the years and although I don't use it every time I want to take my nail polish off, it's something I'll always have in my collection. I mainly use it for stubborn glitter nail polish as I find the sponge inside makes it easier to remove. I'll pick up another one in Asda if they have it otherwise it'll be next time I'm in Boots or Superdrug.

Naked Gentle Conditioner // I fell in love with this conditioner and then found out it had been discontinued and the brand was no longer available. I quickly stocked up when I saw them for £2 each on the Boots website along with the shampoo I liked. Now I have like five bottles which hopefully will last me long enough to find another conditioner. I have to be careful with what I use on my hair as products easily irritate my scalp and the skin on my face. I haven't had any problems with this though and the list of ingredients is pretty small and easy to understand.

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment | £18 // I really loved this hair treatment and used it every time I washed my hair when I first bought it. I noticed a big difference in how my hair was looking and feeling after using it. Recently though I just haven't been reaching for it as having to brush it through my hair means my hair will dry into a frizzy mess. I find it works better when I blow dry my hair before curling which I don't do very often. I only had a tiny amount left so I made more of an effort to use it up. I'm not going to rush out to repurchase, but I would buy another bottle in the future.

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  1. First Aid Beauty is a brand I’d like to try something from and the pads sound great.


  2. I really want to try the FAB facial radiance pads after finishing my Clarins exfoliating toner. I just want to try to compare the performance of those two. Have you tried the Clarins exfoliating toner before? If so, what do you think of it?


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