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There's still a few products here that I was using when I first posted about the beauty products I keep in my bedside table. Mainly the four things that are in the pot on the left. It's a new pot of the sleep balm and the LE concentrate, but the other two are still going strong. These four all help me to fall asleep if I'm having trouble and they also help if I'm feeling stressed out and need to relax.

The rest of the products I keep in the drawer are for moisturising whether it's for hands, feet or body. I always try to apply hand cream just as I'm about to fall asleep as it really does help to keep my eczema at bay. I also get really dry elbows so the Yu-Be cream in an essential.

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  1. I love seeing bedside beauty posts so much!

  2. The Body Shop Aloe Lip Balm is one of my favourites! I always have a lip balm and a hand cream on my bedside.

    Gem. x |

  3. So neat! My bedside table is a mess of products and books. I can never fine what I need.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  4. Great products!!! I like to read such posts)


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