Sunday Pamper 018


In the summer months I don't tend to do many pamper sessions as I'd rather just have a quick bath rather than a long hot soak. This is why today's pamper session only includes four products.

The eczema on my scalp has been playing up this past month caused by one of the styling products I was using, although I'm still trying to work out which one. I have a couple of different products that I rotate depending on how my scalp is feeling and today I feel like using this scalp serum. It's a bit hard to apply to my scalp so I tend to get my mum to apply it while we catch up with Netflix for twenty minutes or so. It's the perfect opportunity for a little head massage to which is the perfect way to start a relaxing pamper session. You apply this serum-gel to dry scalp and massage in then leave it to sink in for twenty minutes or so and wash out as normal. I love the mint scent and it really does work to soothe my scalp.

To prep for the week ahead I'll be painting on a couple coats of OPI's Stranger Tides, a lovely dirty green shade which has a hint of grey to it. I'll probably change it in time for my birthday on Thursday but for the start of the week its a nice subtle shade for work.

As usual, my skin is feeling dry and irritated so I'll be using the Hydraluron sheet mask to try and bring back the moisture in my skin. Although these are quite expensive working out about £5 per use, they truly do work and are nice to use every now and again. I like that they're individually wrapped and I can easily take a mask away with me if I want to. It would be nice to see a tube version of this at some point.

While the scalp serum and mask are doing their thing, I'll be reading Girl On The Train. Despite other people raving about it, I just haven't gotten into it. I said I was going to carry on reading it in my last Sunday Pamper post which was back in April and since then I've only read thirty more pages! I'm sure it'll get better but at the moment I'm just not feeling it.

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  1. I should really crack out Stranger Tides at some point - such an interesting shade! Happy birthday for Thursday x


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