OPI Mermaid's Tears

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Orly Bonder Base Coat
OPI Mermaid's Tears // three coats

Mermaid's Tears

The Pirates Of The Caribbean collection is my favourite OPI collaboration so far. It's made up of six dreamy pastel shades that have a slight murkiness to them that I just love. I was extremely late in getting round to buying each polish and I have no idea why. It was released in 2011 and I probably bought them a year or two later. I don't really know what colour mermaid's tears would be but this light green is a nice change from my usual mint option. It dries slightly darker than the bottle, less pastel and more bright.


The formula of the polishes in this set are all very similar. They all require three thin coats which is a bit disappointing coming from OPI as they usually only need two coats to become opaque. I can ignore this as I love the colours but do wish they were better. Other than that though each layer applied nicely and didn't bubble or drag. OPI polishes last well on me and I didn't notice any chipping or wear until the third day. For me and my nails were polishes don't usually last more than a day or two without chipping, that's pretty good going.

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  1. That colour looks amazing on you! I love the different is it blue or green kinda shades :) Maybelline do something very similar!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. I love this colour, so beautiful! Perfect for summer and I bet it would look lovely on your toes too. Yet another polish to add to my shopping list!

    Ruth Writes x



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