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Origins Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Moisturiser | £34.50 // I've used and finished the Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment which I really liked so I thought I'd try the moisturiser version as I needed a new one. I'm attempting to buy and use more natural skin care products to try and calm my skin down and this probably isn't the best thing to be using. It also has a very strong scent although I don't think it does contain a synthetic fragrance, it is still something that might irritate my sensitive skin. My skin and I would have loved this moisturiser when I was a teenager but now since my skin has changed over the years thanks to eczema I just cannot seem to get on with it. It feels moisturising enough for my dry skin but it always feels a little irritated afterwards.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly | £24.99 // This moisturiser from Indeed Labs, on the other hand, has worked a treat on my sensitive skin. First of all, I love the packaging as it means I can control how much product I'm using without having to put my finger in a jar. I hope more brands start using this type of packaging. It's also in clear packaging so I can see how much I have used and roughly when it's going to run out. This is something that annoys me with the Kate Somerville Goar Milk Cream I'm currently also using, I can't tell when I'm going to finish it. Now back to Hydraluron Moisture Jelly. The name pretty much describes it - a gel which has a very similar texture to Hydraluron but basically a moisturiser version. It feels very light on the skin so I tend to use it for during the day and in the summer. I often need something heavier for nighttime and during winter. This doesn't contain any synthetic fragrance or essential oils so it's one I know won't irritate my eczema any further.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery | £28 // This looks, feels and applies like a toner but isn't really. The easiest way to apply it is to pour it into your hands and pat it into your skin. It takes a while to learn how much product to use and the best way to apply it, I don't think the packaging particularly helps this and could be changed for the better. A spray bottle or pump might work better. I tend to use this as my hydrating toner part of my skin care routine so after cleansing but before serum and on days I don't use an acid toner. It hydrates the skin as well as retains moisture, reduces redness and keeps skin feeling and looking calmer and less irritated. It contains oat extracts so it really does help to soothe the skin which is perfect for when I have eczema flare ups. It's a unique product and one I haven't really seen from any other brand.

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