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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion | £14.50 // This is one of the few spot treatments that I find actually works on my skin and it doesn’t get spoken about enough. It’s made up of a liquid and a powder that settles to the bottom of the bottle. You take a clean cotton bud and dip it into the powder and then apply it to the areas that need it. It is one you can only really use at night or if you’re staying at home as it does leave pink dots where you apply it. I then remove the leftover pink dots after I’ve woken up during the morning cleanse. It really does reduce the size of the blemish without drying the skin out which is the problem I’ve had with other spot treatments. Although I have dry skin, I also suffer from quite regular breakouts so I can’t really use anything that will dry my skin out further. This is also a really great price for what it does and it’s easy enough to buy online in the UK, I got mine from Beauty Bay.

Weleda Calendula Face Cream | £7.95 // Although this cream is meant to be used on babies I thought it would be perfect for my sensitive skin especially when my eczema flares up. Also calendula is one of the few ingredients I know that my skin likes so I always try and find products which contain it. I like that this moisturiser comes in quite a small tube, I get bored of moisturisers very quickly, and it’s also a pretty cheap price for a moisturiser. The bonus is that I can use a tube squeezer on it to make sure I am able to use every last drop of it. I would only really recommend this for people who have dry skin as it can leave your skin feeling a little bit greasy especially if you are generous with the amount you apply. I’m fine with this as I either apply less if I’m going out or going straight to sleep or I let it sink in for a while after applying. I feel like this is one of those fuss free moisturisers that isn’t going to create miracles but is simply going to keep your skin moisturised which is what I want especially if my skin is playing up. I also like that this doesn’t contain perfume and the scent comes from essential oils as I know perfume irritates my skin and eczema. I can see myself repurchasing this cream for a long time and I’ve also bought the body version to try.

Una Brennan Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil | £14.99 // I discovered this thanks to Caroline Hirons and it is just as good as she says it is. If you have dry skin, especially in the winter, then you really need to try this. You apply it to dry skin before cleansing and massage it in for a few minutes before removing with a flannel or muslin cloth. It does leave your skin feeling slightly oily but as you follow up with a cleanser, I usually use a balm cleanser for an added extra bit of moisture, the greasy feeling goes away but you’re left with incredibly soft skin and all dry patches are gone. Over the winter I tend to use it a bit more often but usually it’s about once a week as a skin treat. It’s also quite often on offer in Boots which makes the already cheap price even better, either 3 for 2 or at a discounted price. It definitely feels a lot more expensive and luxurious than it is and the packaging makes it easy to apply.

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  1. The Una Brennan oil sounds lovely. I don't think we can get this brand in Australia, wish we could I've read great things x
    The Beauty Bloss

  2. I love the Una Brennan Vitamin C brightening cleansing oil from that range. Takes make up off like a dream! I usually then follow up with a balm cleanser too. The oil smells of oranges/citrus, beautiful and only £10.99 for a good sized bottle.


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