Barry M Cardamon

notd-barry-m-gelly-nail-polish-cardamon-rottenotter-rotten-otter-blog Supplies used...
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Barry M Cardamon // two coats
CND Speedey Top Coat


Despite loving mint green and dirty green shades of nail polishes, I'm not often drawn to other shades of green. What made me pick out Cardamon, I have no idea, but I surprisingly really like it. It's quite a bright green but has a slight murkiness to it that I guess might be why I added it to my basket. I haven't got another polish like this in my collection which is quite rare these days. It's a nice polish for when you don't particularly want to wear a bright spring or summer shade, but you also don't want to wear a darker shade, it's a nice in between colour.


As with all the gelly formula nail polishes from Barry M , at least the ones I've tried, this applied beautifully and you can easily control the shape of the polish with the brush. I do find these polishes thicken over time, but a drop or two of nail polish thinner brings it back to how it's meant to be. You could easily get away with one coat of this especially if you apply a thicker than normal layer, but I always apply two as it just lasts better on my nails this way.

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  1. This is a beautiful shade! I haven't seen anything quite like it before. It reminds me a lot of autumn or Christmas hehe :)

    becky | star violet

  2. This is such a stunning shade and the formulation sounds spot on!


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