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The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil | £10 // I have both the chamomile cleansing balm and oil and I have to say I prefer the latter. This bottle, with near enough the same amount of use, has lasted a lot longer than the balm has. You only get 10ml more but I find I need to use less product to remove make-up or cleanse my skin. The balm eventually turns into an oil when you massage it into your skin so why not choose the one that lasts longer and is therefore cheaper in the long run.  [see caroline hirons post]

Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins | £34.50 // I have a love hate relationship with face moisturisers as they’re either too heavy and break me out or aren’t moisturising enough for my dry skin. Night-a-mins is the perfect balance of the two though and I’m half way through my jar and I’m not bored of it yet. I love the orange scent but I would prefer it if it wasn’t an added perfume. It's moisturising without feeling heavy, it sort of feels a bit gel like in texture which makes it a dream to apply and it sinks in almost instantly. This is one to go for if your skin is looking dull as it really helps to brighten the skin and makes you look renewed when you wake up in the morning. It’s a bit of a treatment moisturiser hybrid as it keeps skin hydrated as well as removing dead layers of skin. It’s packed full of Vitamins C, E & H to help keep your skin looking as good as it can.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 | £5.50 for 40ml or £11.45 for 100ml // This is another eczema product I can't live without. I get especially bad eczema on the skin between my nose and mouth and this is one of the only creams I've found, which isn't a prescription, to work. A lot of creams only further irritate this area of my face but this really helps to soothe my skin and reduces the redness. I was reading thought the comment on a post on Jessica's blog and by the end of it I had a list of about twenty new products to try to soothe and calm the eczema on my face. One of them was this cream from La Roche-Posay which I actually already had in my stash. I originally bought this for the eczema on my legs and arms but it didn't work well so it was put to the back of the drawer. I decided to test it out on my face anyway as I had nothing to lose and it really impressed me. It soothed the eczema and made the dry patches of skin disappear, very similar to how the Mario Badescu Control Cream worked, just without the added steroids. It’s described as a balm but to me it’s more of a thick moisturiser. If my eczema is particularly bad then the skin will crack and split and become so dry and irritated but this really does work and after a couple of applications I can really see a difference. I need to get into the habit of using this when my eczema isn’t flaring up as I think it would help to stop future irritations.
Specifically adapted to suit the skincare needs of the entire family, this compensating formula enables skin to recover comfort once more following dermatitis and epidermal alterations, such as chapped skin and intense dryness. Its highly reparative formulation includes Panthenol concentrated at 5%, plus Madecassoside which acts as an anti-inflammatory and collagen synthesiser. The triple-action of copper, zinc and manganese encourages optimal skin recovery, while antibacterial agents ensure long-lasting protection.
I wish this was available in a smaller size tube though as I only use a tiny amount each time and the product went bad before I could finish it therefore making it more expensive than it really it. Since buying my first tube it is now available in a 40ml tube which is a lot better than 100ml but I think I’d still struggle to finish it before the use by date.

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