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It's nearly a year since I posted about the books that were on my reading list. I still haven't read three of the nine books I wrote about which is quite bad, I'll have to put them at the top of my reading list. I also have a whole shelf of books I need to read (last photo) as well as a lot on my Kindle. I think I'll have to put myself on a no buy until I've read them all! I'm currently reading The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins and The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks, both I've just started and have only read thirty or so pages.

I really enjoyed the Goodreads Reading Challenge last year so I signed up again this year with a target of reading 104 books in 2015. I'm currently 10 books ahead of schedule so I'm doing pretty good! I really like how I can keep track of what I'm reading but also all the recommendations I've gotten from the site. There's currently about 1500 books in my to-read bookshelf which is a bit ridiculous and I have no idea how I'll read that many. Whenever I see a book I think I'll like I just add it to my to-reads. I should really go through it as I'm sure there's books there from years ago that I still haven't read.

Any recommendations?

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  1. There are books that I really enjoy reading and sometimes, I go through them again. Stories bring me to other places and it's a form of relaxation that I prefer doing especially when I have time.

  2. I really want to read the girl on the train, it sounds amazing!


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