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New York skyscrapers print | wallpaper sample // Marc Jacobs Daisy Pefume bottle // Diptyque Figuier Candle // Ikea RanarpWork Lamp // Handmade wooden bird // Ikea Strandmon WingChair // IkeaGurli Beige Throw // NextOrange Multi Weave Knit Cushion.

I get bored of my surroundings very easily so I am constantly shuffling around furniture and swapping out accessories. I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon moving bookcases and switching the position of my bed. It's also a good way of mixing things up without actually spending a penny. I now also have a huge pile going to a charity shop which feels good as I haven't had a major clear out like this for years. Last week it was my clothes and this week it was my bookshelves. I thought I'd share a few photos of some of my favourite areas.

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Handmade paper crane | gift // Bracelets | Zara // Ship | gift // Tray | Rituals
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Taylor Swift 1989 // Books | Various // Milk jug | Asda. 
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Glass door handles | B&Q // Cardigan | Topshop. 
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Candle | Anthropologie // Vase |Asda // Magazines | Living Etc. 
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Diptyque Figuier Room Spray // Pear decoration | Asda // Camera | Carboot sale // Magazines | Oh Comely. 
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Books | Various // Plant Pot | Ikea // Plant | Ikea

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  1. There are so many cute details in your room!

  2. Lovely room, I wish my room was like yours!

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  3. I spotted that cute ASDA milk jug not too long ago - I might have to go back for it xx

    Ioanna |

    1. I wasn't sure if they'd still have it, I must have bought it about a year ago, love it though :) xx

  4. Obsessed with everything! There are so many cute little details :) x

  5. Love all the little pieces, they work really well together.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load


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