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Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner | £19.95 // The body conditioners are one of my favourite products from Lush as I have very dry eczema prone skin but I hate applying body lotion. This keeps my skin moisturised but I don't have to wait around for anything to sink in before putting clothes on. You simply rub a small amount into your skin just as you're about to get out of the bath or shower and rinse away. It leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. Some of the other body conditioners leave a slight, and I mean only slight, greasy feeling to your skin but this feels lighter somehow but just as moisturising. It's packed full of blended fresh strawberry juice, cocoa butter, geranium, almond oil, orange oil and tonka absolute. The scent is lovely, very similar to the Yummy Mummy Shower Gel but has a hint of strawberry which the shower gel doesn't. It's a very sweet scent and would work really nicely with Think Pink Bath Bomb.

Yummy Mummy Shower Gel | £4.75 for 100g, £9.50 for 250g or £15.95 for 500g // As I've already mentioned this has a very similar scent to the body conditioner, a mix of geranium, orange and tonka. Despite this one not containing strawberry, it smells more fruity to me and less musky than the body conditioner. I love the purple colour and there is silver shimmer in there although it does tend to sink to the bottom.

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb | £3.50 // This is one of the plainer looking bath bombs that Lush offers but it's what's inside that counts. Once this hits the water, rose petals start to appear and the whole room is filled with the floral fragrance as well as the water turning pink. Instead of fizzing away, it sort of foams and creates a layer of bubbles on top of the water. This smells very similar to the Rose Bubble Bar and would work as a good bath cocktail if you wanted to mix the two.

Secret Garden Bath Bomb | £2.95 // This is one of the few products from the Mothers Day collection that I've actually already tried before. I think this was part of last years collection or even the year before. It has a very strong floral scent which you'd expect given the name and although I'm usually not a fan of these type of scents, I actually really like it. The notes are rose, marigold, gardenia, orange and rosewood. It's quite a small bath bomb compared to others so it's good to see the price slightly cheaper than normal. Once it has fizzed away your water will be filled with delicate rose petals and it'll turn a light green.

Bubblegrub Bubbleroon | £2.95 // Such a cute looking bubble bar that I almost didn't want to crumble it up! This has a pretty unique scent and doesn't smell similar to any other Lush products I've tried.It's a mix of shea butter, vetivert, tonka, sandalwood and gardenia. It isn't often Lush use sandalwood, my favourite scent, in their bath products so I think I'll have to stock up on this one.

Mother Superior Bubble Bar | £3.75 // How this bubble bar looks really does vary as the one I bought my mum looks nothing like mine! We're just going to crumble it into a bath anyway so I guess they don't have to look perfect. I really like the lemon and orange scent this has with a hint of mimosa and jasmine which isn't too overpowering. This is a decent sized bubble bar and the price is pretty normal. I think I could get maybe four baths out of this one.

Ultraviolet Bubble Bar | £4.75 // This was sold out for quite a while and it wasn't in my local shop so I bought this separate from everything else when I made an Easter collection order. It's a similar size to The Comforter so I imagine I'll be able to get a good four or five baths out of it, maybe even six. I wanted to smell this before buying it as I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not but luckily I do. It was the mix of jasmine, ylang ylang and gardenia that had me a bit worried about the scent but it's actually really nice. How your water looks really depends on which part of the bubble bar you use but all of it creates really nice long lasting bubbles with a hint of silver shimmer.

Rose Bubble Bar | £2.95 // This is another one that I've had before. It's a tiny bubble bar and I do think the price is a bit too high for it. If I was you, I'd go into store and try and find the biggest one so you get a bit more for your money. I ordered mine online so I just go what I was given. As you can imagine, this is straight up rose scented with a hint of lemon, orange and cocoa butter which not only adds to the fragrance, it also makes it incredibly moisturising. This doesn't turn your water a fancy colour, is just creates a lot of bubbles. Unlike most bubble bars, I was only able to get one bath out of this which does make it one of the more expensive bubble bars. Normally I like to break them up into three or four pieces.

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  1. Rose Bubble Bar sounds perfect for my mum....or me of course!

    Annabel ♥
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