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Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream | £21 // This mini tub was a Space NK birthday gift a year ago when Living Proof was a fairly new brand, at least to me. I sort of used this as my leave-in conditioner step of my hair routine and it did help with keeping my hair looking soft. It didn't really help to reduce frizz like others do so I wouldn't rely on this product as that step. I'd say skip this and save your money.

Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray | £21.50 // I really like salt sprays as I have naturally curly/wavy hair so these enhance the curls even more. First of all I love the bottle look and design as well as the fragrance. As far as the product goes, I have to be a bit more careful of how much I spray into my hair with this one which I haven't had to do yet with other salt sprays. I guess it's good that I'm able to use less product but still get the same effect but there's been a couple of times, especially when I first got it, that my hair has felt very sticky as I've sprayed too much into it. What I tend to do is on towel dried hair, after applying a little bit of leave-in conditioner, is spray this all over, scrunch my hair a bit and then form a part and sort of shape my hair to how I want it to dry. I've had this mini bottle for a while now and it's still no where near empty which is good for the price.

Bumble And Bumble Texture Hair (un)dressing Creme | £22.50 // I feel like this product works best on shorter hair styles which is a shame as I really wanted to like it but I currently have very long hair. I find it quite hard to distribute it evenly throughout my hair which means it clumps together in parts and is a bit sticky. I feel like it's a cream version of a salt spray that looks amazing when used on curls to mess them up a bit and give a bit of texture. I'm glad I only bought the mini tube and will be keeping it in case I ever cut my hair shorter. I keep on going backwards and forwards between cutting my hair short or keeping it long at the moment!

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray | £13.40 // I really liked the idea of this oil spray but the practicality of it doesn't really work. I find that when I spray it into my hair the floor ends up a bit oily as well as not really coating my hair equally and I'm left with greasy looking hair. The easiest way to apply this is to spray it into my hands and then work it into my hair from there. I sort of feel like this defeats the whole purpose of it although the oil itself is pretty good at keeping my hair feeling soft and looking healthy. Now I've tried it, I probably wouldn't get it again and instead carry on with using the Ojon Rare Blend Oil.

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  1. With pretty much all spray products I usually spray them into my hands before working them into my hair - they almost never have a fine enough dispenser! Apart from the Sexy Hair Leave in Conditioner, the spray on that is INCREDIBLE and gives the finest, most even mist. I'm really keen to try the two products that you mentioned from Bumble and Bumble - I recently got my hair cut back to shoulder length and I'm loving that messy beachy texture at the moment xx

    One Little Vice - UK Beauty Blog

  2. bumble and bumble texture and a surf spray are my ultimate summer go to hair product for that fab effortless beach hair look.. try using these paired together, you will find the paste distributes better, although use sparingly! great review, ive had the opportunity to try the entire range of living proof when i used to work somewhere that stock it, and to be honest, its star products are actually the styling sprays, although to avoid the anti humidity it was recommended that we layers all products for example, shamp conditioner and then style.. which to me is excessive..overall your review is on point! thanks!!

  3. You are absolutely right about about the undressing cream! I def wouldn't use it on hair longer than collar bone ish length. I also find when using it, I keep scrunching my hair every 10 mins or so as it dries, then once it does it isn't crunchy anymore.If I just leave it it feels like 80's gel!


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