Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

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Ever since this was released last summer I knew it was a perfume I needed to add to my collection. I am a huge fan of the original Daisy perfume and have been through several bottles of it over the years. I love all of the different bottle designs but I think this one has to be my favourite. It still has the iconic daisies scattered over the lid and top of the bottle but I feel like it's a more grown up version. The blue toned liquid and mixed metal pulls it all together so well.

When I first sprayed this perfume I was surprised at how different it is to the original. It has a lighter fruity floral scent with a hint of musk in the background. The notes are blackberry, grapefruit, pear, jasmine, lychee, blue wisteria, white woods, musk and coconut water. I prefer to wear Daisy in the spring and summer months but the musk notes in Daisy Dream mean it's a scent I'll wear all year round.

This perfume reminds me of YSL Parisienne which is an old favourite of mine and another one I've been through several bottles of. Although the notes of both perfumes are quite different, I think it's the blackberry and musk which make it similar.

While this is an eau de toilette, the scent lasts a really long time. It's one that I can still smell after an eight hour shift at work. I'm still hopeful it'll be released as an eau de parfum but for now I'm happy with the longevity.

Have you tried this perfume?

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  1. Daisy Dream is one of my favourites's amazing!! x


  2. This is a scent I desperately want! I'm in love with the original, and this is even better.


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