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It's that time again to share a few of my non beauty favourites. I have lost count of the number of times I've watched The Vow so I knew it was time to actually buy a physical copy. Even though I could probably re-enact the film scene by scene, I never tire of watching it and if I'm in the mood for a light hearted feel good film despite the sad parts, this is the one I go for. I really like Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum isn't so bad to look at!

My bedroom is pretty plain as far as colour goes, my walls are white with one grey feature wall so I like to add bits of colour with accessories and textiles. This is where I go a bit crazy with blankets and throws. Despite not needing any more, I couldn't help myself buying another one when I saw this striped blanket from Soho Living in TKMaxx. It's still pretty muted colours but pulls in the peach and blue of my mirror and grey of the wall and arm chair nicely. It's currently at the end of my bed and goes nicely with my H&M grey knit throw.

On the same trip to TKMaxx I picked up another mug to add to my collection along with a few flavoured coffees. This is probably the plainest mug I've bought to date but there's just something about drinking out of a tin mug that reminds me of camping when I was a teenager. Since Christmas I think I have become a coffee addict. I've been making a cup a day and really enjoy taking the time out in the mornings to sit and drink it while catching up on my bloglovin list. It's my little bit of me time before I head off for work. My current flavour of choice is amaretto almond from Beanies which tastes just as amazing as you think it does. I also bought candy cane flavoured coffee which doesn't taste of anything but coffee, disappointing, and hazelnut which I am yet to open.

What's your non-beauty favourite?

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