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MonuSpa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil // This has such an amazing ginger scent but I can also smell lemon-grass in it as well which I love. I did find this oil quite hard to apply from the bottle, it really needs a pump but this is only a sample size. It's very liquidy so I tended to pour too much product out at a time, this does make it sink in quickly though which is what I want. I am currently using Caudalies Divine Oil so I don't need to think about buying a new body oil just yet.

Aromatherapy Associates Bath And Shower Oil in Relax Light // I love these mini bottles and bought a set in the sale last Christmas. Relax Light is a mix of lavender and ylang ylang and I really enjoyed using it. If you want a pamper bath and have dry skin then you really need to try these oils out. After I've finished all of the different scents I'm going to pick one and buy the full size of it, so far I'm undecided which one it will be though.

This Works Sleep Balm // I would and already have repurchased this mini pot of heavenly scented balm. I have a hard time getting to sleep and actually staying asleep so anything that helps I'll use. I tend to scoop a little bit out and use it as an overnight hand treatment and then I also get the benefit of the scent as I tend to sleep with my hands near my face. Lavender is one of my favourite scents and I only wished this was available in a bigger pot. I think managed to get this one in a Space NK sale for about £4 which I'm hoping to do again soon.

Dove 60 Second Treatment Shot // I've had one of these before and really liked it. The only downside is that really you can only get one use out of it so it's not exactly cheap. I like to use a deep conditioner or treatment with every wash as I have very dry hair so for me it works out cheaper to buy a proper tub from another brand than to keep on buying these treatment shots for £1.50 each. I would buy it again though as it does make my hair feel very soft.

Montibel-lo The Amber & Argan Oil // This hair oil is a little thicker than the ones I usually use so I found it a bit harder to distribute evenly into my hair. It did help to keep my hair looking and feeling soft as well as keeping fly aways at bay but I'm still working my way through a bottle of Ojons Rare Blend Hair Oil.

Rituals Qi Gong Anti-perspirant Spray // I'm interested in how the stick deodrants work from Rituals but I'm not a huge fan of sprays as more often than not they don't really work. This was ok on an everyday basis but wouldn't work so well if you're exercising or in the summer. The scent was nice but I prefer something more subtle that wont interfere with the perfume I'm wearing.

Havana Shower Gel // I can't even remember where I got this mini shower gel from, probably either a beauty box or a hotel. It has quite a masculine spicy scent which I really like. If it was from a hotel then it's probably not available to buy even if I wanted to.

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  1. Such a brilliant thing to do! I have actually started to do the same. I have somehow got a box full of samples, so I am using up everything before buying anything further :)


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