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This post was a bit of a spare of the moment one as I had planned to share what I got for Christmas and in the sales but after a last minute decision to house sit for a family friend, my posts had to have a bit of a shuffle around. I’ll still be sharing what I got but on Sunday instead as I’m planning on going home for the afternoon to take a batch of photos for the blog.

Wish list seven is a complete mish mash of things I’ve been lusting over for a while now. There’s actually a couple things I’ve already treated myself to and after a trip to Ikea I now have a second bedside table and a new lamp for my desk. Although pictured is the black version of the Hemnes bedside table, in the end I chose the white glossy version as it looked nicer in person and better quality. I love the lamp with the exposed black and white cord wire but I really need to do something about the light bulb as it’s very yellow toned.

Another thing I’ve already gotten my hands on and will be featured in Sundays post is a Clarisonic Mia which my parents bought me for Christmas. After going backwards and forwards between all the different colours I chose grey. White, although it would probably look better, I thought might not last as well and maybe discolour over time and I knew I’d get fed up of the baby pink or brighter colours. Although I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now I still haven’t given it a go as my eczema has flared up again and I don’t want to irritate it further. Once my skin has calmed down though I can’t wait to add this to my skin care routine.

Although I’m trying to finish the perfumes I currently own, I’m forever adding to my want list and even though it’ll be a while until I buy anything new, at least I can look back on these wish list posts when I do so. The two perfumes that have caught my eye this week are Chloe and Nicki Minaj Pink Friday. These aren’t new by any means but I’ve heard people rave about them who have similar perfume tastes to myself. Plus the Chloe perfume would be perfect to sit out on my dressing table.

This year I want to try more products from Weleda, mainly their skin care products although I’ve heard great things about the foot balm. Another brand I want to try more products from is Pai. I want to try and use more natural products that aren’t going to irritate my skin and with the new addition of the serums to the range, I’m counting down the days, or months, until I need to buy new skin care.

What product is top of your wish list?

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  1. Great picks, I've been eyeing up the Deep Steep bubble baths for a while now, very tempted! x

  2. The Pai and Deep Steep products are on my wish list too :) love Deep Steep, everything from them smells amazing! x


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