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The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector | £5 for 30ml or £11 for 100ml // I bought this quite a while ago and used it a lot but then I just sort of forgot about it and moved onto other hand creams. It wasn't until a work colleague mentioned she used this and it really helped the eczema of her hands, we were both complaining about it, that I remembered I had a tube of it. I made sure I applied it every night before going to bed and my hands are in better condition. My eczema has calmed down a lot and I now only have two itchy patches rather than all over my hands which is amazing. I also love using this as a foot cream which meant I only had to pack one item for two jobs when I was house sitting for the majority of this month.

Balance Me Stellar Face Balm | £18 // This is another product that does amazing things to the eczema on my face. I have a stubborn patch just above my cupids bow that is always irritated and inflamed so I try to apply a good layer of this each night, sometimes reapplying before bed, and it really helps to soothe my skin. I also had incredibly chapped lips thanks to my most recent eczema flare up, they were so sore and splitting every time I talked or ate but after only a couple of days using this and my skin was back to normal.

REN Tonic Moisture Mist | £22 // I am so happy to have another bottle of this in my routine! I've waited over a year for it to come back in stock and I finally found a bottle in a set in the Space NK sale for only £15. This helps to add even more moisture into my skin and it just feels nice and refreshing to use. It has a lovely rose scent and contains hyaluronic acid, one of my favourite skin care ingredients, to hydrate the skin.

The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Bath Jelly | £7 // I'm a huge bath lover and can easily sit there for an hour with a good book. This is such a unique product and isn't like anything I've tried before. When I ordered it I thought it would be a bit like the Honeymania bath soak which is similar to a normal bubble bath but it's not. It feels and looks like a jelly which sort of melts when you add it to running water. It then turns into your more traditional bubble bath which a crazy amount of bubbles. The little wooden spoon is useful although it's just as easy to use your hands to get a bit of product out. It also makes a really nice shower gel and reminds me of the Lush shower jellies. I've already ordered a back up from TBS sale for only £2 which is a complete bargain. The cranberry scent is also really unusual and I love it.

Lush Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar // The scent of this bubble bar is lavender, rose, ylang ylang and orange. This is one of the most moisturising bubbles bars I've tried from Lush so far. As I was breaking it up to use it was almost melting in my hands due to the shea and cocoa butter. While it's normal for the bath bombs to leave my skin feeling silky and moisturised, it doesn't really happen with the bubble bars so it was a nice surprise. If only I had thought on and bought a couple more but I'm still hopeful it'll come back this Christmas.

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  1. Love TBS had cream! The almond one is lovely too x



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