Skin Care Diary // December 2014

Through out each month I'll be keeping a skin care diary and jotting down what I use on an every day basis. At the end of the month I'll tally up what has been used the most and share the products with you. I have combination skin that can change between being extremely dry, spot prone, oily and sensitive as well as having eczema flare ups. 
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Liz Earle Eye Bright // Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm // Melvita Rose Water Spray // A-Derma Epitheliale A.H Cream // JorgObe White Tea Balancing Cream*.

Carrying on from where I left off with last month, the start of December was absolutely horrible skin care wise. The eczema on my face was even worse and so irritated that nothing I had at home was able to calm it down. I had to completely stop with my skin care and all I was able to do was use a cold damp muslin cloth and another A-derma cream, not pictured. I ended up booking an appointment at my doctors to see if they could help which I am so glad I was able to cancel. For some unknown reason, I'm sort of putting it down to the A-Derma  Epitheliale cream (thank you Jenny!), practically overnight my skin was feeling smoother and less irritated about a week and a half into December.

I'm still being extremely careful with my skin but I was finally able to cleanse properly and start back up with my skin care routine. I missed not being able to do it in full as I find it a really relaxing part of my night before going to bed. There's just something about washing away the day and applying a nice serum and moisturiser before bed.

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  1. So glad that the A-Derma worked for you - like yourself, I managed to cancel a drs appointment last year because of it being so good! X

  2. My mum is OBSESSED with the Emma Hardie cleanser! She LOVES it. I'm yet to try it, strangely, but I think I will do soon!
    x x | daisydaisyxxo


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