NOTD // Rococo Gold Leaf (over black)

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Supplies used... 
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Avon Licorice // one coat
Rococo Gold Leaf// two coats

When I was writing my winter nail polish post I couldn't believe the price of this nail polish. I got it for Christmas two years ago and at that time it was £25. It's a lot of money for a nail polish but I really wanted it but never would have bought it myself and as a gift it didn't seem so bad. The price has gone up to £35 which is just crazy. Had it been that price back then I don't think I would have asked for it and I've only actually used it a couple of times.

It looks amazing in the bottle but I find it can look a little bit messy once on the nails. Maybe I just need more patience but when applying it I find there is too much clear polish and maybe one or two pieces of gold leaf. I sort of have to place the gold leaf onto my nail instead of simply brushing it on. It looks amazing over black but I'm next going to try over a hot pink and mint green. Any other suggestions? I might also trying to create a sort of ombre effect with it, more of a gradient of gold leaf on the tips rather than all over the nail.

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  1. i love that polish it works even better when the base colour is a dark colour i have been wanting a gold left topcoat for a while now and this post may have convinced me to pick one up
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