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For this set because I knew I would like the scent but wouldn’t love it, I went for a gift set where I got the full size shower gel and body scrub but only a mini tub of the body butter. I didn’t want the bath jelly as I did with the other two Christmas scents as I knew I wouldn’t use it. It’s a very sickly sweet vanilla scent which is nice in small doses. This set was only a couple of pounds thanks to a half price discount code.

Vanilla Brulee Body Polish | £10 // Unfortunately this is one of TBS's poorer body scrubs as it hardly feels like it's exfoliating the skin and feels more like a shower gel. It feels incredibly moisturising and starts off almost feeling like a balm before it lathers up. I can larger exfoliating particles in the tube but these did nothing once on my skin. I'm glad I only have the mini tube of this and I say it's definitely one to miss.

Vanilla Brulee Shower Gel | £4 // This shower gel reminds me of the coconut shower gel I have from TBS. It has a more moisturising formula and feels creamier on the skin. It's the perfect shower gel to use in the winter time and although I still moisturise after, my skin does feel a lot softer. The only downside is that it doesn’t work as a bubble bath as it doesn't lather, instead it's more like a cream.

Vanilla Brulee Body Butter | £13.50 // The scent of the body butter is slightly different to the other two products/ They're sweeter whereas this has more of a floral scent which I'm not really a fan of, I wish it smelt like the other two. I've been using it as a foot cream because of this as I didn't like that I could smell it on myself. Whereas if I apply it to my feet and pop on a pair of socks then I wont be able to smell it but I'll have nice soft feet. I know scent is a personal thing so I'm sure there are a lot of people who prefer the more floral scent. If this is you then I'd recommend going in store first and smelling the range. A slightly more negative review than normal but I'm glad I tried them all!

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  1. I adore the shower gel and hand cream from the range, quite like the body polish but really dislike the body butter! Scents really are very personal - I hate the Glazed Apple scent!x

  2. I bought the bath jelly and body butter of this and agree, the jelly smells a lot nicer than the butter for some reason. I still like both though.

  3. I haven't tried any of these, but I have the vanilla brulee hand cream and it smells lovely :) it's a shame the scrub isn't very exfoliating!

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