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Boost Hair & Body Wash | £17 // Now a shower gel that costs £17 is not one to be used on a daily basis and I've been saving this and using is sparingly. I expected this to smell heavenly, as I really like the scent of the detox salts, it smells nice but nothing outstanding which is a bit disappointing. It's quite a watery shower gel so I tend to use it with a shower lily so it's easier to use and lathers up well. It's been nice to use but I wouldn't rush out and buy the full size. I'm glad I was able to try this mini first!

Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence | £40 // This bath essence is a fancy name for a bath oil and it certainly is luxurious, like all the other products from Therapie. It smells absolutely amazing of rose, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, orange and the newly discovered fragonia. It's the lavender and sandalwood in it that I find most relaxing and are two of my all time favourite notes in perfumes and bath products. This can be poured into running water for a relaxing bath or massaged over dry skin before having a shower. I like to add a couple of drops and a handful of the detox salts if I'm feeling particularly stressed or anxious and I always feel better when I get out.

Cherish Skin Repair Serum | £44 // I wouldn't necessarily call this a serum, to me it feels more like an oil. It contains a lot of great ingredients such as argan oil, rice bran, avocado, red raspberry seed, broccoli seed and carrot tissue together with sea buckthorn, blackcurrant and rosehip seed. At £44 for 200ml it's definitely a luxurious product to be used when you simply need a good pamper. I tend to use it on a Sunday after a bath using the detox salts, shower essence and shower gel to complete my routine. Unlike other serums, and I've never tried one before, this a serum for your body and like I said it's more like a body oil. A small bit goes a long way and the pump on the full size bottle makes applying it really easy. With this travel size though I have to be a bit more careful I don't end up pouring the whole bottle into my hand. It's incredibly moisturising and I tend to apply it to my skin when I've just got out of the bath as it sinks in easier if the skin is a little damp.

Himalayan Detox Salts | £37 // This is the only product out of the five that I had already tried before and have been through several packets of. If you struggle to relax and/or sleep and you haven't tried these then you really need to. It's expensive but if used sparingly then the large jar will last a really long time. Plus you can buy a refill bag after buying the jar and it works out to be cheaper. Simply add a handful to a running bath and then relax. After getting out the bath you're not meant to touch or go near anything electrical and you'll sleep better that night. I don't usually stick with this rule as I find watching an episode of tv or a film before bed relaxing but I definitely sleep better after using these bath salts. I'm not entirely convinced this is purely because I've used the bath salts, more that I feel more relaxed after having a bath and therefore sleeping better. The bath salts do help though! These aren't to be used during pregnancy so that's something to keep in mind if you're thinking of buying them.

Restore Aura Spray | £26 // I've been using this as my hydrating toner after using a exfoliating toner. Not only does this smell amazing but the whole spritzing it on my face I find really relaxing and an enjoyable step in my routine. If I don't want to spray it onto my face then I quite often spray it into my hands and then pat it into my skin. I tend to do this if I've just straightened or curled my hair and don't want to get it wet. It smells of roses but also contains frankincense water, basil, lemon oil & crystal essences of rose quartz & amethyst. Would I buy the full size for £26? Now I've tried it and feel like I've got my fix then no probably not. There's a million and one other hydrating toners I want to try!

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  1. I've only tried the detox salts before - definitely pricey but they work really well! The mini set is a great idea to test them out without committing to full price :) x


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